The only thing Constant in life is change

It might surprise many of my faithful readers that I am updating my blog again.  You’d given up on me hadn’t you?

Lately I’ve been itching to get back to writing about my life and connecting with my friends and family in a way that I have always loved.

But, things are different now that I’m back.  Some things I’m going to want to keep private.  Some things might only be for me.  That’s because my life is changed.

I’m not the married, childless, American living in England – biding her time until she could talk her spouse into getting a visa for the states.

Now (deep breath, Jamie) I’m the single (divorced *cringe*) American living in England because, well, because I want to.

Lets clear up a few things.

Chris and I are still very good friends.  The divorce was final in April, but it hasn’t been too difficult because we are still in each others lives.  We travel together, spend days out together, talk, text, and continue navigating our way through this uncharted experience.  The reasons for the divorce are ours, and ours alone.  Its our story and one that only we will tell, when and if we’re ready.  Have there been tears and heartbreak along the way?  Of course, probably more than I can count.  But, I’m thankful everyday (mostly everyday) that we settled things in a way that allow us to have a friendly relationship.  There will be no bashing of the ex on this blog – friends just don’t do that.

Do what is right for you:   IMG_6601

So, I hear you ask, if you are divorced and he was a major reason you stayed in England – WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?  That, my friend, is a great question and I still don’t even have an answer for myself, yet alone anyone else who might wonder and question it.  I do know one thing for absolute sure, England is my home.  I’ve been an adult longer here than in America.  Me and England?  We’ve been through a lot!  Just because I am now on my own, that doesn’t change much.  I am settled here, I love it here, and if it only had my friends and family I’d be completely happy (anyone want to move over?  Visit?  Anyone??).  I’ve searched, studied, prayed, asked nicely, and begged for an answer of what I need to do with my life.  I am still waiting, but in the meantime I am going to be taking advantage of some great opportunities for my future while I’m still here – however long that may be.

I am lucky that I still have the twins in my life as well.  They are going to a new school in the Autumn and I, luckily, get to look after them still.  They make me crazy and frustrated and happy and peaceful all at the same time. 


Luckily, this change in my life hasn’t made me bitter and angry with the church.  I am so blessed that I still treasure my testimony and membership.  Don’t get me wrong there are times where I want to scream and shout, “ITS NOT FAIR! WHY??” but I am learning to lean on my Saviour even more to answer those tough questions.  My calling in our newly created ward as a member of the Primary Presidency has helped me to focus on the basics. 

I also have been on the “Divorce Diet” as my mom calls it.  I am finding joy in taking care of myself in every way including physically.  I am sure it is something I will mention in future posts, but I wont ever say how much I’ve lost, just that I’m focusing on me and you know what? It feels great when I get out there and do it!

In the future there will be some posts that will be private and unavailable to read.  But hopefully, I’ll keep having adventures and keeping a record of it right here on this blog!  Stay tuned!

Me, single again?  That’s bound to create some stories right there!


We Interrupt This Story…

Just wanted to let my few (but faithful) readers know of a few changes to the blog:


*  Archives!  I imported my old MSN Spaces blog and now have all the entries I’ve ever blogged – starting in 2005.  They are pretty funny (for me) to look back on.

*  Labels to find entries faster

*  You can now be my follower – just remember to sign up at the side of the page – that way you can know when I update.

*  New tabs on the top – all pages coming soon!

Let me know what you think – if I don’t get back to you its because my brain has exploded from trying to sort everything out!

Conclusion of the story tomorrow, and then I have some ideas in the pipeline to start blogging a bit more. 

The Decision

I started my blog nearly 4 years ago to the month.  I started a blog when no one really knew what they were, but found it a great way to share my life and practice my writing – two things which I love.
In that time I’ve been engaged, single, dated, been engaged again, moved to PA, moved to England, and lived life here in England for nearly 3 years.
I have a certain loyalty to Windows Live Blogging, but have found myself thinking of moving my blog to another site – for ease of use and because I am a girl, I like to accessorize (something I cant do very well here).   The main reason I am changing is because at some point I want to have my blog made into a book, for me, and Windows doesn’t do that.
So I am going to be moving my blog.  I could never not blog, but I think it will be easier to have it through the same site as my fertility blog.
I will keep this blog, and as and when I “launch” my blog I will put all the info right here.
So sorry Windows, but I think it’s time we broke up… don’t worry it’s not you… it’s me.

A Few Changes…

As you can see I’ve changed just a few things on my blog – some you wont even notice.  But you might notice:
* The counter — spread the word about my blog please, I love to see that number and I love to know that people are actually reading what I am writing.  Comments are VERY welcome.
* New blog list — I have made a complete list of the blogs I read regularly – and by regularly I mean on a daily basis — I love them all and feel like I know every one of the women who write them.  They are worth reading.  Plus it helps you get into the “inner workings and circle of the blog world” which I love, and relish watching from the side – like at a dance, when all the popular, pretty girls are dancing with the hot guys and I just stand and watch, living through them… anyway I am rambling but , read those blogs they are lovely!

…And the number one reason why people do blogs…. They work for theGovernment!

Okay so… why do a blog?  I guess my reasons are two-fold — wait, more than two…
1. The first reason is that, here at work I have an ample amount of time on my hands.  So, I think to myself, why not start a blog and decorate it in pink and give other people who are bored at work something to do…
2.  The second reason is that very often, as my closest friends can attest, things happen to me that are worth writing down.  I figure this is a good way to keep up the “Jamie’s crazy stories” archive… Amy will be most happy with this reason – and probably least happy with the next one…
3.  For the third and probably most important reason, I plan on moving in the near future. I thought this might be the best way to keep in touch with all my loved ones – internationally.  Depending on what side of the world I am on family on both sides can be kept up to date.
So here I am writing my life on the computer…