All About Jamie


1.  On questionnaires I check the box age:

Image result for 30   to   Image result for 40

2.  I am proud to be an American, but reside in England (I’m pretty proud about that too).

uk usa

3.  I carry the following titles:

friend   neice    nanny      mormon

    daughter      big sister    animal   traveller



4.  THIS is what I believe, live, and love!


5.  I am content with the fact that I am a childless women and wont have children of my own in this life,

but I do my best to care for any other children I come in contact with.

6.  When I grow up I want to be a published book author – I already have a published magazine article here.


7.  Amateur at – photography, cooking, piano playing, scrapbooking. blogging, and writing –

professional at nannying.

8.  When we said “Friends Forever” we really meant it – I’ve had the same best friends for OVER 20 years.


    9.  Favourite sound?  The sound of my passport being stamped.


10.  When I grow up I want to have my very own rescue for homeless animals.

My house bunny, Sugar, is my inspiration.

love animal    IMG_5798


Oooo I Love Comments!

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