Baltic Cruise–Copenhagen, Denmark


The Little Mermaid Statue – Copenhagen, Denmark

1.  We got to Copenhagen just in time for my absolute favourite music contest, ever… EUROVISION!!!  To be honest I was pretty sad I was going to miss the broadcast of it, and didn’t even realize that once we stepped off the bus and into the main square we’d be right in Eurovision Village *whoop whoop*. This made the Denmark stop for me!


2.  Going to the imposing royal square and watching the changing of the guards.  Its not as precise as the changing of the guards in London, but was fun to watch.  But, it took a while and at one point while recording it, I made a kissing sound when they were facing each other – I found it quite funny.

3.  Chris and I went into one store and found a Viking Horn.  The twins that I look after were studying Vikings in school and I thought that would be a good souvenir for the little boy, but it was a bit pricey so we left it.  Later, Chris said he needed the toilet and when he came back he had the Viking horn in hand.  He had gone back to the shop to buy it for “J”.  Very sweet!

4.  On our first stop (there were 3 on the tour we booked) we went into a beautifully white church.  It was in a style that I hadn’t seen before.  As we walked towards the pulpit we saw something quite familiar.  As members of the LDS church the Christus is a very recognized symbol and a main focal point at Temple Square.  There it was at the head of the church we were in.  Come to find out that is the original Christus, the LDS church uses a replica of that very one.  Very cool!


5.  On our next stop we got to see some pretty amazing architecture around the Royal Palace, namely some pretty strange steeples.

6.  At one point we crossed a bridge and on the side it had a warning to boaters to watch out for the sculpture under the water.  If you looked a bit closer you could see the sculptures of men under the water.  Strange place for a sculpture.


7.  We had some time to just wander the back streets before the bus left for the next stop.  Chris and I love walking around and people watching.  As we walked past a cashpoint we noticed that there were quite a few Euros still in it and there was no one around.  So…. we took it!  Just kidding, we walked into the bank the ATM was attached to and handed in the money.  They did look at us a bit strange when we handed it back, maybe it was their lack of understanding English, but I think they were mostly surprised that we brought the money back in and didn’t just take it.

8.  One “memorable” thing that happened was that we were on the bus and the tour guide passed a very spectacular amusement park.  She told us that when Michael Jackson visited one time he offered to buy it and wanted to make it his private park.  They declined his offer and kept it for the people of Denmark.  I found this to be an interesting piece of information then the elderly woman sitting in front of me (within earshot) turned to her friend and said, “Typical American!  Think they can just buy anything they want!”  I was slightly offended but by the end of the trip was used to little digs at Americans and “youngsters”.

9.  We got to make a quick stop to see The Little Mermaid statue.  I sat in the bus, but as everyone got off of the bus the tour guide did say, “Don’t try to get too close, the rocks are slippery!” Not everyone listened and it was quite entertaining to watch people trying to get the “perfect picture”.  Luckily no one fell in… that I saw.

10.  Did I mention Eurovision was there?!?!?!?

Copenhagen over all:  Honestly this was not my favourite stop.  I was happy to see the Eurovision things, but other than that could take it or leave it.  But, I don’t think this is because the city isn’t amazing.  Thinking about it a bit more, I think the reason that I didn’t really love it was that we were on a tour organized by Marco Polo.  Chris and I really prefer the hop on hop off tours to get a good idea of all the good places to visit, the history and stories behind the city and buildings, and the freedom those kinds of tours provide.  Cruise and Maritime Voyages didn’t make us aware that we were right next to the port and that there would be independent tour operators (like the hop on hop off operators) right there waiting to take us.  They made it seem like in order to do a tour we HAD to use their tour options.  The tour we went on had 3 stops but the stops were hurried and our tour guide didn’t give us a lot of information.  If we could do it again, we wouldn’t use the tours from the cruise but source our own.  I think that if I got to explore, with the help of the hop on hop off, I’d have enjoyed Copenhagen a lot more than I did.  Given the option – I’d go back and do it again, but far away from the Marco Polo’s controlling grip. 


2 thoughts on “Baltic Cruise–Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. How lucky to get there just in time of Eurovision!!!:) And thanks for your honest review. I keep thinking whether or not make a trip to Denmark:).

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