Holiday to Normandie, France: Part Un

When Chris found out there would be a little gap from when he ended his last job and started his current job we decided to take a quick holiday somewhere.  At first we were planning on Scotland but found it would be less expensive to visit France.  Chris is pretty interested in the D-Day history and beaches and so we planned on visiting that area.  Once we get to France from the tunnel crossing it was only a 3 hour drive.

It seems like the trip was going to be tricky from the start.  Nothing seemed to work out!  We started with trying to find a place to stay that was pretty central and it just got more complicated from there.  We also decided that Sugar (our pet rabbit) needed to get used to travelling because of the move back to the states and so we decided to take him with us.  We kitted out the car with premium rabbit transport and got everything in order.  We didn’t count on the weather being SUPER hot and the newly fixed air conditioner not working.  We left mid-morning and planned on staying in Folkestone for the night before we got the train to France (mostly for the rabbits sake).

Well, we got to the hotel and we were all dying of heat!!  The hotel then put us in a room that, I swear, was sitting right on top of a boiler.  We sat in the room, the rabbit was suffering (they don’t do well in the heat) and so were we.  We visited every option: leave a day early, going home, get another hotel, or even (I am not kidding) sleep in the car.  Chris decided to go to the front desk and see what could be done.  Low and behold he came back into the room with a new key in hand and a promise of a room with a balcony!!!

It was bliss (compared to where we were).  We had a spectacular view and a nice breeze.

DSCN0455     DSCN0438DSCN0431

The view from our balcony – Folkestone, UK


Sugar’s room in a room.

The next day we woke up and got ready to get on the train.  We weren’t in a hurry because usually you can travel two hours either way of the time of your ticket.  Our ticket was for 10:35 so when we got there 5 minutes late we weren’t worried because we figured we’d just get on the next train.  BAD IDEA.  For some reason there were major delays on the tunnel and the next available train was at 3:30.  We were so frustrated!  I wont lie, there were some tears shed on my part.  I was mostly worried about the poor rabbit and the heat.  It was 30* and we were supposed to wait in the unshaded, full, car park for hours!  We had no idea what to do.  We decided to leave the car park and make the decision to go home or to wait.  We called the vet to make sure the rabbit was going to be okay to travel in the heat, called our favourite bunny boarder to find she was full (it was the summer holidays after all!), and then decided to go back and wait.  We FINALLY got on a train around 4:30.  We still had to drive to Caen, France but we were just happy to be on a train.

DSCN0467            DSCN0466

Our train!!!!  Looks like a normal train but if you look down the carriage, you can see where you drive the car in.

We were so happy when we got to France but I was not looking forward to the drive.  It was HOT (have I said that already?!?) and not even the promise of new scenery and travel could get me excited.  It was beautiful scenery though, and it was nice to go South instead of North (like we usually do).  We stopped at a rest stop and let Sugar out to run around.  He was in heaven and had Chris chasing him while he ran as far as he could on a leash (or should I say as fast as Chris could follow).  He had drooled so much on the ride that his chin was red raw (that is why it looks funny in the pictures).

DSCN0478 DSCN0504 DSCN0496

We finally got into Caen about 9:30 at night.  We drove around the block of the hotel about 1,000 times (okay not that many) because we didn’t know where it was – there was some yelling at the Sat Nav, by me.  When Chris finally called we found out we’d missed check-in and had to get into the safe and a whole bunch of other rubbish.  We finally made it in.  We were staying in a hotel/apartment type place and so we set up Sugar’s room in a room and went to sleep, hoping that the holiday wouldn’t follow the mood of the first days!!!

Just as a side thought:  I hate bridges – look at the ones I had to cross in France!!!

DSCN0510 DSCN0513 DSCN0516

To Be Continued…


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