Sugar the Rabbit

So, I am going to try this new thing… to blog more often than every 6 months!  I used to do it – but then again, I used to have things going on in my life.  Now it just seems like the same old thing and not much to blog about.  Chris is working and I am working so that leaves us little time to explore and travel.  We really, REALLY miss it but we have to look at the long run and the long run is: America.  So, I guess in the long run a few less trips to old houses and castles are worth it for the prospect of work and money and America.

But, that isn’t what this entry is about.  This entry is about Sugar – our rabbit.  The landlord has absolutely said no cats or dogs.  I am definitely a pet person and I really wanted a pet – not just any pet (we had hamsters and I hated them).  When I took one of the twins to the local farm I was taken by the cute little rabbits.  They are called Giant French Loop rabbits.  I immediately called Chris and told him to call and beg the landlord to let us have a rabbit.  Over here house rabbits aren’t unusual and the farmer couldn’t stop talking about what great pets they make (sneaky farmer).  Luckily (and surprisingly) the landlord said yes and so we reserved our Sugar.  We had to wait a long 6 weeks to pick her up, but I took the twins every week to visit her and we all just fell in love.  I was interested to see how Chris would take to a pet, since he doesn’t like dogs or cats – but me and the twins were hooked.

Disclaimer:  I should have done a bit more research before committing to a GIANT house rabbit.

She is lovely but very, very naughty!  In fact, as I type this, it is past when I’d go to bed but I am up because she peed on my bed and I’ve had to wash the bed sheets.  If I had to make a list of pros and cons they’d probably go something like this:


  • Chew on EVERYTHING, especially wires.
  • Eat a LOT.
  • Are not cats – they aren’t too cuddly (especially before they’re fixed).
  • They are mischievous and love to explore.
  • They need a lot of space.


  • They are entertaining.
  • They love you back – just in different ways than cats.
  • They are rewarding.
  • They can be trained – litter trained and even respond to their name.
  • They have great personalities.

Now some of the pros and cons probably wouldn’t be there if I didn’t get a GIANT rabbit and also had I researched and gotten 2.  But, never mind – its done and me and Chris just love her.  Chris took to her right away and although she isn’t too keen on him holding her – she is his shadow when he walks around.

I am actually surprised at what good pets they actually are.  She is just a baby still so I have to give her some excuses for being so naughty. We’ll get her fixed in December and that is supposed to settle her down a bit and make her a bit more docile.

WARNING: Gratuitous Rabbit Pictures Ahead!!!

Here are some pictures of her when we just got her:


Baby Sugar at the farm… just a ball of energy, we should have known! Winking smile


The first look at her new home.  As they say in England, “Butter wouldn’t melt!”

IMG_1625     IMG_1717

Exploring her new home is hard work.  Sometimes you have to just watch telly and have a rest, if you could just get up on that bed!


Cant be bothered!


First photo shoot.  In the few months we’ve had her she’s grown sooooo much!

We got Sugar at the end of June – the beginning of a really horrible, miserable heat wave here in England.  Sugar hated it too and actually because of the heat caught a virus that will not go away.  She’s been on antibiotics for nearly a month now.  I am told this is normal for rabbits.  Its just like she has a cold but it could become really dangerous, really quickly.  After me trying to give her her shots at home (and doing it so wrong I gave her a massive bruise), trying to give it to her orally and her not having any of it, going to the vet EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to have her get her shots there – I took her to another vet who gave me enough meds for a month and sent me on my way.  After wrestling with her to try to take it, we’ve found the best thing is to make a “bunny burrito” and wrap her in a towel, pry open her mouth and put the meds in.  She is getting quite good at it – she still hates it, but at least she doesn’t pout in her hutch for hours after now!

IMG_1785      IMG_1830

During the heat wave, we both did a lot of laying around being miserable.


This picture pretty much sums up how she felt about the vets.  The first time I took her she was on the table and every time he started talking she’d thump her foot out of anger (and I think to wind me and the vet up!)

She is a house rabbit so she stays inside most of the time.  She does stay in her hutch through the night and, is in the second hutch we have since she has already grown out of the one we got for her.  The twins built a hutch for her in their back garden, which she loves, and she goes on a lead and one of the twins walk around (or run) with her during football practice.  She has complete access to the house except for the kitchen and bathroom.  She mostly stays in the front room and love the carpet in the bedroom to run around on and do lots of binky’s (rabbit term for running and jumping – means they are happy).


Home Sweet Home – oh, and Food Sweet Food.


Sugar meeting Karl Marx.  They are comparable in size.  Karl is 17 years old and Sugar was 2 months.

Here are some more random pictures that I love of her:

IMG_1823  IMG_1995

Always getting into something!


She just keeps growing!!


Look at those paws – she is going to be huge!!

To compare how much she’s grown in just the 3 months we’ve had her:


And just to scare myself I decided to look up Google Images of Giant French Lop Rabbits (after we brought her home):

My goodness that rabbit is HUGE!  Her parents aren’t that big (that I can remember – maybe I am blocking it out!), so we are just crossing our fingers!

She is coming to America with us, but by that point will probably need her own seat!!

And if you haven’t gotten enough of Sugar, here are some videos of her: doing a binky, nibbling on something, and the other of her just playing around.  I hate my voice in the second one (its early in the morning) but I guess it solves the question if I’ve gotten an English accent (and no, it wasn’t on purpose I was just as surprised when I played it back)…

Sugar’s Binky:


Crazy Sugar (and accent debut):


Oh and by the way, for anyone who’s stumbled upon this while searching rabbits this site, is my rabbit bible!


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