Bonfire Night 2012

Bonfire Night in the UK is a reason for celebration – fireworks, huge bonfires, and usually rain.  It is one of the tale-tale signs over here that Autumn is drawing to an end.  The sun starts to set around 4:30 PM and the air smells of bonfires.  It is quite a cosy time, if you can get used to the time change!  The last few years Chris and I went to a local Primary School – this year, our plans changed and we found it was just us.  I looked around to see if there was any bonfires and it seemed like we missed most of the local celebrations.  Then, I saw that Ely (about a 30 minute drive) was doing theirs this last Saturday – against the backdrop of the Ely Cathedral – I couldn’t resist. 

Chris and I bundled up and hoped that the rain would hold off.  We parked in Ely and went to the park.  There were a lot of people there.  They had food stalls and a fun fair.  They had a massive pile ready for the bonfire along with 5 “Guys” on top from local primary schools.  When they lit the bonfire, they had put fireworks in it and it popped and cracked (it was by far the best bonfire I’ve seen – the picture doesn’t do it justice!)


Then the we waited for fireworks, while playing a musical chairs type game as we moved from place to place to get away from drunks, BAD parents, and people with no concept of personal space.  The fireworks were meant to start at 6:45 – but they said people were still queuing to get into the park so we waited and waited.  Finally about 25 minutes late, the fireworks (which the announcer told us cost £10,000 when people started to get a bit disgruntled at the late start) finally started.  They were really worth the wait.  It was an amazing display.  We were so close we could see the men lighting them on the hill.  It was so beautiful to see them in the shadow of the cathedral.  I was trying out new technics on my camera so I got quite a few pictures.  But, I will only post a few.


You can see on the left is the far part of the cathedral. 






Do you want to know why Bonfire Night is celebrated??  Click here for the history behind it.


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