Mini-Break Day 2–Bath

I should just start this with the disclaimer – there will be a lot of pictures…

Halloween morning we had a great breakfast at the B & B and checked out early(ish) to get the Roman Baths around when it started – because it was half term we thought it would be quite packed later in the day. 

On the 15 minute drive to the Park and Ride we saw some beautiful scenery (yes, I am talking about the scenery again!).  I was surprised at the steep hills.  I thought England was full of rolling hills – not ones where you are depending on defying gravity to get to the top.  It was quite comical because although I’ve been driving a manual car for 6 years here in England – I don’t have very much experience driving on hills – it is very flat where we live.  So I had a bit of a stress about stopping on the hills.  Luckily we made it to the bus stop in once piece and with only aggravating a few drivers!

We got to the Roman Baths before there were many crowds.  It was so strange being there as well.  It was completely amazing how it survived.  It was built between the 1st – 4th Centuries A.D.  It was eventually built over and it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that someone noticed the springs were still there (through a flooding problem in their house).  They are really well preserved and I think that the Roman who could spend time in the Baths were quite lucky.  It seemed like it would be quite a nice place to come and relax and worship.

It was believed that the springs had healing powers and (ironically) they told of a woman who couldn’t have children who fell pregnant after drinking water from the springs.  At the end of the tour they gave us a chance to sample a cup of the water.  The water was very warm and VERY disgusting.  I said to Chris that if I am anaemic that the amount of minerals and iron in that water would cure that for sure!




P1060008 P1060018






After we saw all there was to see in the Baths, we decided to go on the hop-on-hop-off tour.  It was really freezing and then it started to rain.  Then I started to feel a bit unwell so we ended up only riding on the bus once (we were going to do the tour once and then again, and get off and see the sights).  I do love the bus tours because you get to see so much.  Chris braved the rain and sat in the back of the bus and got some great pictures.  Bath is a beautiful town!


P1060109   P1060127




On the tour we got to see Jane Austin’s House (she didn’t like Bath at all) and the Royal Crescent.  Unfortunately they don’t let tour busses go past it anymore so we had to sneak a peek from the bus.  I think Chris did a great job getting a picture (especially since there was a rude lady who kept getting in his way).  We didn’t get to the Jane Austin Museum but we got to see a lot of places she mentions in her books.  Apparently the city of Bath is mentioned in all of the books she’s written, but I figured since she didn’t like living there – I didn’t need to go to the museum.

At this point I was starting to feel quite yucky so we decided to stop for some food and then figure out where to go from there.  We stopped at a little Tea Room and had the absolute best English Scone I have ever had.  It was gorgeous – nice and warm with fresh West Country clotted cream and strawberry preserves.  Are you hungry yet??




We decided since the Bath Abbey was right nearby we’d visit there.  We both love looking around places like that so we went it.  It definitely didn’t disappoint. 


P1060190  P1060197






Like most of the old religious building in the UK – the Abbey was very ornate.  The best thing that happened during the day happened in the Abbey.  Let me just set it up – in the Abbey they have headstones on the walls and a lot of the time along the walls they have grates (I have no idea why) …


As Chris and I were looking around we saw a headstone with some writing on it – only the “S” was replaced with “F”.  I am certain that it was just the way they wrote back then, but in any case Chris started reading it out loud and sounded like he had some kind of a speech problem – while he was reading it out all of the sudden the grate fell halfway into the ground and Chris went flying.  Well!  I was laughing but trying to be considerate, I went and sat down in a pew while Chris went and told one of the workers.  He came to sit next to me and I just couldn’t stop laughing – I said that’s what he gets for making fun of ghosts!  I thanked him for my Birthday gift (him falling in the grate) and we quickly made our way out of the Abbey.

We decided to head home because we wanted to try to drive through the Cotswolds on the way home.  We missed a lot of the little villages in the Cotswolds on the way home – but it got dark so early we figured that it didnt matter too much and we’d just have to make a plan to go back and see them!



Chris likes to take pictures of walls for me.  He thinks it is funny I am so obsessed with walls when we drive, but can you imagine how old they must be?


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