Happy Birthday to Me Mini-Break

I don’t know about you, but the older you get the less you really want to celebrate another birthday!  Every year Chris and I struggle to know what to do for my birthday because I really hate to celebrate it.  We decided that since my birthday fell on half-term (a school break for the kids here in England) that I wouldn’t have to babysit and he wouldn’t have school those days so we would get away.  I’ve always wanted to see Stonehenge and Bath so we decided to make a little break of it.  It isn’t too far from where we are, but in order to see what we wanted to see we thought we’d just stay at a B & B and get the most of it.  It was one of my favourite sight-seeing trips we’ve been on.  The scenery was amazing – and that doesn’t even start to describe it.  When I see such scenic places I always question why we ended up in the flattest (most un-scenic – in my opinion) place in the UK. 

We started off going to Stonehenge.  It was so surreal to actually be there.  I’ve seen it so many time growing up and watching travel shows and I was there!  It was nice because we have an English Heritage pass we were ushered right past the queues (Chris quite liked that VIP treatment).  It was a cold, but not rainy day, which we were lucky for.  The stones are roped off because people were slowly destroying them.  It is open on the Summer Solstice.  I did my final University essay partly on Stonehenge and Avebury so I think I had an even greater knowledge about the spaces than I would have otherwise and appreciated it more than I could have before.  It was really nice and even though there were a lot of people it didn’t really matter too much.







Next we decided to visit Avebury.  It has a lot of stone circles as well, but it’s a lot lesser known.  I studied this for my Uni essay as well and wanted to visit Avebury more than Stonehenge.  There are people who believe that the grounds are very sacred.  Some of these people pack up their whole lives just to live nearby these stone circles.  I can understand why they would feel it was sacred.  It was calm and quite and peaceful.  I think I would pack up my whole life just to live in a place with such breath-taking scenery. 

P1050890  P1050911

One of the funniest parts of the trip was when we were walking back to the car.  Chris didn’t wear a coat (or jacket – just a short sleeved shirt) and he was freezing.  As we were walking we passed a woman who said something like, “Wow its really cold today!”  Chris answered back to her, only to find that she was talking to someone else who was hidden from his view behind one of the stones.  It was funny, Chris was quite embarrassed and the woman was quite confused.





Our B & B


To be continued…


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