The Netherlands Days 1 and 2

Hello from The Netherlands!  A day late really, but I was shattered last night by the time we got here – not to mention that I was medium to well-done from the ferry ride over.

Here are a few pictures from the journey over:


Coming into Dover – Dover Castle on the hill.





Here are the things I’ve learned in the first 48 hours since being here:

*  The Dutch language is CRAZY!  Most languages you can understand some things – not here there are millions of letters in most words.

*  Its true there are bikes EVERYWHERE.

*  It isn’t as full of windmills as you’d think.

Today we made plans to go to the cheese market in Edam.  Our plans were changed a bit when I decided I loved sleep more than cheese (which is saying a lot because I LOVE cheese).  Anyway we left later than we planned but still managed to see the cheese market.  It was great.  Even more of the typical Dutch stereotypes were fulfilled because the market was full of clogs and people in traditional outfits.  It was a lot cooler than yesterday we and we really enjoyed our time in Edam.




Edam was really lovely and we came back with some amazing cheese!  Just an interesting side note:  the Fens (where I live) was settled by the Dutch and you can really see a lot of similarities in Edam and the Fens.

After Edam we headed back to the hotel, making a stop in Haarlem where Corrie Ten Boom, who wrote The Hiding Place lived.  We toured her house – after we finally found it – and it was really nice to be able to match the house with the ideas in my mind of what it looked like.  Corrie hid hundreds of Jews in her home during the German occupation.  Read the book – its really good!


Then we FINALLY got back to the hotel.  We thought maybe we’d like to go swimming – but tonight is no swimwear allowed night – we we are relaxing in the room watching American movies.

Tomorrow Amsterdam and Anne Franks house!

When we get home we’ll post all the pictures.


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