Beamish–The Living Museum of the North

Every time we talk about going up North, Chris always had good memories of visiting Beamish Museum as a school child.  He was SURE I would love it (he’d right I did – minus the migraine).  It is a museum set up on lots of land.  Its all connected by trollies and old busses.  Everything is historically correct – even the staff dress in period clothing.  There are different parts of the museum – first was Pockerly Old Hall and Pockerly Waggonway.  It was an old house and an old rail station.  I think this was my favourite part of the day (maybe because it was first and I wasn’t so tired, but who knows!)




Next we took the bus to the town.  It had an old co-op (store), bank, houses, candy shop, newspaper press, etc.  There was even a Masonic Temple.  It was really interesting and it really felt like you had stepped back in time.  You could even watch them make sweets.  We got a free sample and it was horrible!




There were a few school groups visiting on the day we were there – but none so cute as the kids (and teachers) who dressed up as Victorians!




The we stopped by the railway station outside of the town and then headed to the Pit Village.  Mining is a huge part of Northern England’s history so there was a coal mine.




By now my migraine had kicked into high gear.  So there was one place left to visit – Home Farm.  I must admit I LOVE visiting farms and petting the animals – but this one, not so much!  It was up a huge hill and Chris and I aren’t in the best of shape anyway – well, walking up the hill about did us in and by the time we made it to the top we couldn’t be bothered to explore too much.  I did get to see a lamb – but that was about all.  We decided to head back home.  We’d been there over 4 hours!  It was such a great place and I think kids would LOVE it.  Its no wonder Chris has such happy memories of it. 



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