Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Chris and I needed to get away so we headed North to South Shields.  We visited here a few years ago and since we didnt celebrate our anniversary we thought we’d do it all at once.  We went back to the same B and B that we stayed at last time and really enjoyed ourselves and, and managed to leave MOST of the drama at home.  On our last visit across the bay I saw some ruins and thought that it would be nice to go and see them this time.  So we went to North Shields to the Tynemouth Priory and Castle.  It didnt disappoint.  It was really amazing and we ended up getting a year membership to English Heritage while we were there (expect more historical exploring this year). Wanna see some pictures???



Yes, that sign does say 800 (AD).  It is hard for this American girl, who’s country isnt nearly that old, to imagine that we were somewhere surrounded by things with THAT much history.









They used the priory for a lot of things and it was heavily bombed during WWII.   The graved were almost all dated the 1800’s – but were really weathered because of being so close to the seaside.  Here is the album if you want to look at all of them –



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