Adventure Spring 2012

I cant say just Road Trip 2012 – because that sounds quite boring.  I can say adventure because, in the next week, Chris and I will be passing through 8 different countries, attempting to speak 3 different languages and do all of this while driving a right hand drive (manual) car on the opposite side of the road.  That sounds like a recipe for adventure to me – or at the very least a few breakdowns (not the car – me) and missed signs, and HOURS and HOURS of driving.  But, we are looking forward to it (she says with trepidation). 

We are going to cram it all into a week. 

Today, at the very last minute we decided to change one of our stops from Venice, Italy to Lake Como, Italy.  Who knows where we’ll end up most days – we know on our itinerary we have:  Castles, American Military Cemeteries, Trolley Tour, Concentration Camp, Mozart Tour, stunning views and (fingers crossed) lovely, perfect, springtime weather. 

Have you ever wondered what springtime is like in Europe?  Well, as a commitment to my mom, I will be updating this blog at least daily with – at the very least – a picture of the travels of the day. 

I guess I should stop being homesick and appreciate this opportunity…. 

Right….  10:30 at night and still not packed at all (some things never change) – I’m off!!

See you tomorrow from London!


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