Countdown to Christmas

Hello Few and Faithful Readers:
Because the money tree in the back garden isn’t growing (I lie, we don’t have a back garden or a money tree for that matter), I thought I might document my Christmas this year as a kind of gift to my most favourite women – Mom and Grandma.  It isn’t much but I hope that the countdown in (mostly) pictures will be a little something from me to you.


This year Chris and I decided to get a real tree for Christmas.  Chris had never had a real one, and I hadn’t since my childhood (yes Amy, I am excluding the tree we had in the apartment).  It is just the right size and now that I have to do the hoovering I realize what a pain the pine needles are (I know, mom – you told me so!)  The candle topper (or hat as Madie says) in the picture is from a friend and, it has to be my favourite decoration.


This is Madie being Mary and the teddy being baby Jesus. She’s gorgeous isn’t she?

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