The Show Must Go On

This summer Naomi and I were  looking for free activities to take the girls to around our boring little town.  I saw in the newspaper that at one of the surrounding towns there were going to be free kids shows put on every Friday morning. 

The first one we went to was Old McDonalds Farm, and because of a panic attack that Madie had, I missed most of that show (not that I cared too much).  But, while waiting for the show to start, was surprised at the rudeness of the  parents – especially the mother who was standing up in the midst of the sitting children – blocking everyone’s view without a care in the world.

The second show was The Circus School (the show Naomi was most excited about).  We went in and sat down and as we did so, this woman walked past with the strangest looking shirt I had ever seen.  She looked to be about 15 months pregnant (in reality only probably 8).  Upon further inspection we saw that it wasn’t a strange top after all – but she was wearing a polo shirt tucked into her maternity jeans.  And the blue that we thought was a part of the shirt turned out to be the extra stretching material for the pants.  It was hard to focus on much else during the show until we got to the plate spinning part.  And the main guy?  The teacher at the circus school?  Couldn’t spin the plates!!!  So his wife (pregnant lady) would spin them for him and then pass them to him.  It was all downhill from there – for their last trick they were going to do the Diablo.  It is hard to explain, but it is like a little rubber shape (think the shape of a sand timer) and you have to spin that on a string.  If you get it right it could be quite impressive – not that I’d know – because they couldn’t do the trick at all – try after try after try.  Naomi and I got the giggles – and with tears of laughter in my eyes I had to distract myself (not only because it was rude to laugh, but because they were recording the show for their website).  After the show was done, Georgia turned to Naomi and said, “This show is boring.” we quickly left – missing the “try it yourself” part of the show. 

After that train wreck of a show, we thought nothing could top it.

Yesterday we went to the show that was Mr. Fuzzy and his mind reading teddy bear.  He was by far the best  show yet, but something unfortunate happened during his show.  Let me just explain that the shows take place in the Sunday School room of the local church.  It is annexed to the back of the church – yesterday there was a funeral in the church.   Mr. Fuzzy was in the middle of his quite funny magic finger bit and the vicar from the church came storming in – asking who was in charge.  After searching for the man in charge and have a quick conference – I over heard that the microphone was on the same frequency as the funeral – to make things worse the music was up very loud.  Looking like things were settled, the vicar walked out and Mr. Fuzzy immediately turned on the music  (Ooo Ahh, just a little bit, ooo ahhh a little bit more).  At this Naomi and I lost it – and the giggles started again.  Imagining the poor family at the funeral with that music playing in the background.   The giggles wouldn’t stop (and if they were bad at the circus this was worse, I even snorted – good thing the music was up so loud!)  Then the music died down (no pun intended) – the rest of the show went off without a hitch – until the end when he had the children stand up and sing (shout) “If You’re Happy and you Know It”.  Then I started laughing again (avoiding eye contact with Naomi) – and the closing song?? (played loudly) – Celebration!!!  Naomi and I quickly got the girls and walked out of the room – laughing.  We got to the front of the church (along with the other 75+ people who were at the show) just in time to have the hearse drive away.  All the adults hushed the kids, and we stood there in silence paying our respects (and apologizing) to this person who unintentionally had a soundtrack to his funeral.

Next week is:  The Frog Prince – Lets see if they can top this last one (I hope they can!).


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