Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m and Idea Addict…

I am sure it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to a lot of people who know me that I always have that “really good idea”.  When I was single I used to scare my friends whenever I’d turn to them and say, “Hey! I have an idea!!!”  That feeling of mild panic has now spread to my husband who gets the “dear (get it, dear??) in the headlight” look whenever I say that same sentence. 
In my mind there is always a good idea (according to me).  Part of this having a good idea often translates into my ultimate dream of becoming a published author.  Sometimes I just have so many book ideas floating around in there I cant see straight!  But, have I ever written this good ideas into reality?  No. 
Luckily I now have a little outlet for some of these ideas.  For a while here in England I’ve been the resident journal/scrapbooking expert in my church.  I don’t know how this came about and I am FAR from an expert (I think maybe its because I am from Utah and EVERYONE there is required to be VERY crafty – I joke).  I asked a friend of mine – who I met through some wonderful and strange happenings – if I might be able to contribute to her blog – she said yes, bless her, and well now I write for her blog about – journals and scrapbooking!  It isn’t a huge contribution, but it is a way for me to practice my writing.  I write on every Thursday – http://homemakinghoneys.blogspot.com/ – come have a look – not just on Thursdays mind you, she has some great ideas as well Winking smile.
On a side note I am going to start putting up more of my writing on this blog – starting with a little story I wrote about my worst.date.ever!  It’s much to write home about but I think it’s a pretty funny story (well it is now – when he was looking at me with creepy/lustful eyes – it wasn’t too much).  Stay tuned!!!


2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m and Idea Addict…

  1. Just reading you write, “Hey! I have an idea!!!” Send a cold shivver down my spine. We had lots of fun adventures though, didn't we?
    I am living proof that not everyone from Utah is crafty.

  2. Yay!!! YOur blogposts on Homemaking Honeys have been fantastic. I read the one going out for this coming Thursday and was like “How come I've never thought of that!” Plus I love the style of your writting to. Honestly cant waitto read your date story. Pretty sure I will be laughing.

    PS. I so know what you mean about beung from UT means you are automatically crafty. Everywhere Ive been here people automatically assume I am crafty. I have some good ideas and I enjoy crafting but that doesnt mean Im an expert. When I eventually go home Im sure it will seem sad to just your average crafter again, so Im trying to take advantage of “being crafty” while Im here. xx

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