Bullet Points – At Least its a Post Right??

Hello Internet. I have been banished to the bedroom while Chris has a bit of a “Lads Night” playing video games, eating questionable fast food, and generally acting like grown up little boys. Because of that I cant upload any pictures at the moment, but I thought I would just update what is going on.

* I AM COMING TO AMERICA!!!! I cant wait. Chris found a great deal on flights and as a birthday present bought them. What’s even better is that we will be there from November 24th – January 5th. I have missed my family and friends soooo much and cant wait to spend time with the people who really matter in my life. Living away from home, you really realize who your REAL friends are. I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter the amount of phone calls (3 from friends in 4 years – not that I’m counting ;)), the amount of cards, letters, or emails – but it is the intent. I might get 1 email from a friend in a year, but from that email – I know I matter to them. What do they say? It isn’t about quantity its about quality. 🙂 At any rate, I am really looking forward to spending time with good friends.

* I got my VISA to stay in the UK. I never have to apply again! What a huge weight off my shoulders with that sorted out. Next we have to think about Chris’ to America, but for me, I am an official resident of the UK – which entitles me to all the benefits of a citizen. FINALLY!!

* In keeping with taking advantage of the benefits of being a resident here – I am starting school. I am only taking one class but it is a distance learning type thing and the class is a pretty hard one. I cant wait to get started. Chris is going to take a class as well (not the same as mine, that means I cant cheat – darn it!).

* Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of Chris. He is quite open about his battle with depression and has struggled quite badly since Feb. He is doing so much better and is becoming a real champion for better care for those with mental health issues (especially men, who are often too ashamed to admit it). If you know someone who suffers from a mental illness, or are interested on Chris’ progress you can read his blog at: http://www.theflattleys.co.uk/cmh

* We got a new car. We finally got the money together and bought a newer car than we’ve ever had. It felt like sheer luxury, until today the “check engine” light came on. I am not happy at all. We’ve not even had it a month. We don’t know what to do next, but with the money we put into it – we definitely shouldn’t have problems all ready!

* I am back on the weight loss wagon. After my surgery I was thrown off, but finally feel good enough to start again. I want to be in better shape than I ever have been for my birthday. I will update on here – if you have tips or motivation feel free to comment – I need all the motivation I can get – sure hate exercising!!!! Maybe I should do a regular feature – Jamie’s progress on trying to not hate exercising! Would you read it??

Well that is about all that is going here for me in England. I have pictures by the dozen to update the blog with (I need that motivation once again).

Well I can still hear shouting from the other room from the boys – but I can also hear the quite whisper of my bed. So its, nighty night for me!


3 thoughts on “Bullet Points – At Least its a Post Right??

  1. wow, sounds like some really cool things are happening. but that is a GIGANTIC bummer on the car – no way!!! 😦

    on the exercising, i really don't know!! i wish i could get off my butt and do it as well. i don't make the time. i tell myself i don't have the time, and i don't have a ton of it, but i could, you know? arg. i know that once you find something you like, that's the key. have you tried swimming? spinning? not sure how feasible those two things are. but good luck! and keep me posted!!!

  2. I hear you on the check engine light deal. Our happily functioning car got the light, and just to make sure it remained happy, we took it in and the mechanic said, “Just trade it in – it will cost more to fix than it's worth.”


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