An Update and a Bit of a Vent

Hello Dear Friends. Are you still even checking this blog? Well, maybe this will just be for me and Chris (possibly the only 2 still reading).

There are a few reasons I haven’t updated lately. One of the main ones is because there isn’t too much to update on – we are in a limbo of sorts and so, stuck in this holding pattern, there aren’t many changes.

As far as my healing and recovery go – things are back to normal for the most part. The incision has completely healed and has left a LONG scar along my tummy, but the width of the scar is like a line drawn with a pencil. The surgeon was very good at cleaning up his mess! I am not having any side effects anymore and am back to full activity. Sometimes I find it really hard to believe that is was only a few short months ago that I was so poorly, but I count my blessings that as bad as it was then, I am completely better now.

Along with the happiness of the full healing process, comes the complete frustration that nothing has changed at all. You’d think without one ovary, I’d have a least half of the cramps – but nope – they are still as bad as ever. I was under the impression that getting the Endo taken care of, it would solve those issues as well, but my doctor has informed me that, that is not the case at all. It is very frustrating! It usually brings me to tears every month thinking not only am I not getting pregnant, but I still have to suffer – so what was the surgery for anyway?!?!

As of now Chris and I are under instruction from the Consultant, Dr. R, to keep trying and see what happens. If nothing happens by Feb. then it is back to the Dr. M (the GP) to get a new referral to see Dr. R again – and move on from there.

Most of the time I am okay with the way things are headed with infertility. Most of the time I feel okay with the prospect that kids might not be in the picture. With so many other stresses in my life at the moment, I am ashamed to say, sometimes the infertility is the least of my worries. But then, of course, there are times where the pain of what I am going through cuts like a knife. I have eliminated most of my friends on Facebook that constantly complain about their kids (don’t worry no one reading this is one of them) and now have taken to even hiding people who are constantly posting quotes or status updates about how “you’ve never known love until you’re a mother.” I know, I know it is a bit petty, but for me, it is what I have to do. It makes me feel like less of a wife, daughter, sister, and woman thinking to myself, “I must not love as much as I am capable because I don’t have children.”

As for life in general I am trying to put me first. It isn’t easy at all. I am trying to get rid of the things in my life that cause me unneeded stress and heartache. This has, of course, made me re-evaluate a lot of things. Just the other day, a “friend” got me so sad that I had to stop myself and made a decision to eliminate that person from my thinking and life, for now.

I think of all that I have gone through in the last 3 years with regards to fertility and sometimes I am amazed at what Chris and I have dealt with and come through – and other times I am so saddened by the lack of support from family, friends and even strangers. I had a friend who came all the way from Utah to England and couldn’t even pick up a phone to call me while she was here. Recently one of Chris’ friends (who added me on Facebook) made me crack. She had a miscarriage and had fallen pregnant with her 2nd child very soon after. She complained 10+ times a day about how horrible pregnancy was and, “WHY did I do this to myself!!!!” When she had a very healthy baby she continued complaining about the baby – even going so far as to say, she hated him. I finally broke down and wrote to her (very nicely – not wanting to cause problems or hurt feelings) that, “I know how hard newborns can be, but maybe she should look at the positive – and remember there are women out there that would love to deal with what she was dealing with.” I was then attacked by her and her friends because I said it and must not have any idea what she was going through because of my “unfortunate situation”. My friends on Facebook who read my updates know more than my In-Laws (because they never ask) and the other day I signed up for a LDS infertility support group and, because I am not in Utah, no one has even bothered to say anything to me (but have to everyone else who has signed up at the same time). I cant wait to get home to Utah and spend some time with the people who HAVE supported me. Sometimes it just all gets on top of me.

I think what it comes down to is, I think about my infertility on a daily basis, and I suppose it affects me more than I think it does. But it is a process – I know of women who have been trying for 10+ years and still have sadness over it. I guess it is a matter of clearing my life of the things that don’t make me happy and filling it with things that will fulfill me – no matter what happens with the infertility. I just keep praying I can deal with it – and not let it ruin me.


2 thoughts on “An Update and a Bit of a Vent

  1. My heart hurts for you sweety. I have to admit I came to see your blog because I saw on your political views that you were liberal. that means we are alike a little bit. anyway, I am here for you. I would love to get to know you again.and I know you didn't delete me cuz I try to never complain about my kids. the woman who hates pregnancy and actually hates her baby should ahve never had kids. it is unfortunate that woman who would be great mothers( like you) have to wait so long.

  2. Jamie –
    You have such beauty about you. Nothing could ever ruin you and definitely NOT a trial. You have so much compassion and Christ-like love that I envy. I can't help but watch you in your life and marvel at how you are being molded in the Masters hand. I hope you know how wonderful and lovely you are. You are a great person and will be an awesome mom. I admire you and your courage. HUGS to you!

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