Blue Skies?

Well this weekend we were blessed with gorgeous blue skies and mild temperatures.  I have learned that any time the sun shines in England to – GO OUTSIDE and enjoy it because you never know when it will be back.  We did just that this weekend.  It happened to be sweet Gracie’s 3rd Birthday as well.  It is so strange to see these nieces and nephews grow up!  Because Gracie’s Mum and Dad aren’t together any longer, we don’t get to see her as much as we used to – so every time we see her it seems like her and her brother have grown so much!
This Georgia just “chillin” on the swing with me.  She loved wearing those glasses, but upon further inspection her mum and I decided they were quite strange – and I thought they were slightly reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s in Willy Wonka!
My Mother-in-Law has done a great job of making the back garden very child friendly.  They have so many toys and things to play with in the garden that a child couldn’t ask for more – except…  they spent hardly any time in there at all!  Typical!
Chris entertained Madie.  She loves him more than anyone in the extended family.  She will go straight to him – all the time.
This is Madie.  She HATED walking on the grass and was quite pleased with herself when she made it to the concrete.  She is the youngest child in the family – which is strange because for nearly 5 years there has ALWAYS been a baby around.
My Mother-in-Law also provided some entertainment.  When she fell instead of Chris (or anyone) running to her aid, we laughed and Chris took a picture. 
Just look at that blue sky – not a cloud in sight! It is what the English would call “lush”.
And here is the Birthday girl…  How lucky am I?  To be surrounded by beautiful nieces and nephews and get to witness them growing up?  One of the blessings of still living in England!


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