Sweat it Out

Alright, so I am around week 5 of my “healthy living” lifestyle and can I just let you know that while I am seeing results (good ones) on the scale, I HATE it.
I am alright with eating better food. I think my key to that is that I give myself a “cheat” day when I can eat what I want (of course not to excess). That is the day I can eat out or get take away. That is the day I can eat cheese and chocolate (not together of course). My cheat day is saving me.
The thing I find the hardest is the exercise. While I will gladly profess my love of all things Richard Simmons – I have yet to find something I really enjoy. I thought maybe since the weather has turned so cool that would spur me on to walking more – nah, still hate it. Exercise videos? Yuck. Exercise ball – nope, but quite entertaining just to play with and occasionally kick at hubby – but that isn’t MUCH exercise is it?
So…. what do I do? Any ideas????


4 thoughts on “Sweat it Out

  1. Exercise that is a game works pretty well for me, like Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii Fit if you have the Wii… I'm just like you, I pretty much hate all exercise. Ugh!!!

  2. I always had to allow myself a “cheat day”. If I didn't have them, I would crash and give up. It's amazing how wonderful they are. I would usually end up sick from eating foods that I wasn't eating throughout the week, but I didn't care.

    As far as exercise is concerned, I wish I could help you. I hate exercising. I'll love it and get in the habit of it for a few weeks sometimes, but then I remember how much I despise it. The only exercise I truly enjoy is dancing, so occasionally I'll enroll in community education dance classes. I wish there was some magic exercise out there that was just wonderful, but I would rather be sitting on my couch watching TV.

  3. Do you have a pool anywhere near you? I would try swimming, indoor cycling, and group aerobics classes. While it proves to be mostly humiliating, group exercising is fun for me…I see that there are others who are just as winded and sweaty as I am, but we all have similar goals that we are trying to meet. Good luck. I hate to say, “when you get to Utah…”, but when you get here we can do stuff together if you want – it's just so much more enjoyable to work out with someone else. Or maybe I'm just distracted from the pain and suffering? 🙂

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