A Reminder


There is a baby store right on the high street in front of my apartment.  I always walk past, tempted to walk in, but decide against it because I don’t need to “rub salt into the wound”.   It doesn’t stop me from looking in the windows.  Lately I have been trying to loose weight to get to a place where I can get surgery to find out what is going on.  I needed motivation – not just mental motivation but visual motivation.  I thought about buying a baby outfit and putting it somewhere where I could see it – but decided against it, so as not to look like a crazy if I forget to put it away and we have guests.  The other day while looking into the window of the baby store I saw this statue.  I needed it – it was a visual reminder of what I was trying for.  I have put it on the TV (so I can see it when I exercise).  It is lovely and hopefully one day, we can put it in a baby’s nursery.


One thought on “A Reminder

  1. I love the statue. It's amazing how much something so small can help in such big ways. My brother gave me a statue of a mom, dad, and baby that we put in our room; and my cousin gave me a statue of a baby holding the a sign saying hope that I put on our entertainment center. I can't believe how much they helped me through my infertility issues. Every time I looked at them, I would get the hope and knowledge that our time to have a baby would come,and to not loose hope. They really did help me through some difficult times. Your baby is just waiting for you, and I'm sure it is so excited to enter into your family. Infertility sucks so bad, especially when it seems the whole world is getting pregnant around you. But keep up hope! It will pull you through so much!

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