Cheating on Tiny Moments Days 18,19, & 20 – Making up for it with Pictures of Ridiculously Adorable Children

I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for not doing the pictures during the weekend – I didn’t do anything, nope not one thing, and especially nothing worth taking a picture of – but I have some today to make up for it – forgiven??
I am lucky enough to have several lovely nieces and nephews.  I am especially lucky to be very close to my gorgeous niece Georgia and hopefully (as she gets older) Madi.  It seems like Georgia has always had a special bond with me and Chris.  We love her and she is the one we spend the most time with. 
Today Georgia’s parents asked me to come and babysit them, and I was more than happy to.
Georgia is at an age where she is getting such a personality.  Not one of a toddler but one of a child – one that can carry on a conversation and talk back. 
We started off the evening trying to take some pictures of the girls. 
IMG_0367 IMG_0372
Then I thought I’d be brave and try to get one of them together, that was a trick without Madi rolling over or Georgia trying to roll her back – but here is some of what we got…
I like this one because Georgia is looking at Madi.  Georgia with a slight look of mischief and Madi a slight look of fear…. IMG_0378
This is try four of five for the “kiss” picture.  By this time I don’t think Madi was sure what was going on but, she still has that look of fear about her… IMG_0373
This was at the beginning of the evening – both of them look quite trusting but not sure of what I was going to do – at least Georgia is smiling.IMG_0375I think this one really shows how different those girls are – their eyes, their hair, their completion – but both so lovely!
Georgia is getting the art of being an older sister down!  She is loving, bossy, teasing, and gentle all within a few moments.  For example:
Today while I was making dinner for Georgia, Madi was crying.  Georgia was very worried about her and was getting quite flustered that she wouldn’t stop crying and that I was “taking soooooo long!”
Then, later, I was rocking Madi to sleep and told Georgia it might be a good idea to sing her a lullaby.  Georgia put on her most angelic, highest voice and started singing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… surprisingly Madi started to nod off… about 2/3 of the way into the song Georgia got quieter and quieter and then all of the sudden out of nowhere she shouted (at the top of her lungs), right in Madi’s ear – the ending of the song, while stroking Madi’s face.  Needless to say that lullaby did the opposite – and when when Georgia saw Madi’s eyes wide open staring at her – she laughed – because, I am sure she felt, her job there was done.
I know that once Chris and I move back to America we will miss out on a close relationship with all of the kids.  I have always felt that I need to take advantage of the time I do have with them.  I am so glad that their parents allow me to have these Tiny Moments with them and couldn’t have thought of a better subject for my Tiny Moments of the day.


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