The American Cemetery in Cambridge

This recent 4th of July I really wanted to celebrate.  The first year I was here Chris made me a great cake (pictured here), the next year we didn’t do anything (which I hated) and this year I was determined to find something to do.  There isn’t much to do outside of London as far as celebrating (unless you live on a base or have other American friends). 
Then I remembered that I had seen a sign a few months back, on the way to the American Base, that said American Cemetery and I decided to do some research.
This is what I found.
So Chris and I decided to risk it with the temperamental car and go to Newmarket for the Coeliac Food Fair (read: free samples) and on the way home go to the cemetery and then a purely American restaurant – Chili’s.
Here are the pictures from Newmarket:
The fair was really good, except all of us that had Coeliac’s had to wear a yellow dot.  When I was too embarrassed to butt in and get some free samples, Chris wore the dot.
The fair was on the racecourse which is really well taken care of, and actually quite posh – it makes me want to buy a huge hat and (said in an English accent) “Go to the races, my dear.”
This is just a random car parked in the car park.
Just the town sign.
Once we were done there we decided to head to the cemetery.  The stupid sat nav lady was telling us the LONG way around everywhere and actually trying the kindness of our marriage more than most things and people – anyway, we FINALLY got to the cemetery.
While we were there a HUGE group of American and British Bikers (read: leather, beards, earrings and MASSIVE motorcycles)  had a bit of a ceremony and I braved all the bugs and listened.  They had a moment of silence and also the Star Spangled Banner playing (the trip was worth it for that).
After, we had a look around, now I know that what follows are lots of pictures so I am putting them in albums to look at (click on the album or visit my old website) – but if you have the time, have a look – the grounds were truly sacred and the chapel was amazing.
Flag Pictures:

Visitors Centre:

The Chapel:

The Headstones:

The Scenery:

The Wall:

Other Various Pictures:

As you can see Chris and I were very “picture happy” but we both were trying to capture the beauty of the place in the pictures, which I think, is impossible.
We finally left to go and get some food and listened to that stupid sat nav woman again and got an unintentional tour of Cambridge (would have been lovely had I not been hot, moody, tired, hungry, etc..).  Finally after dealing with the Saturday day city traffic, stupid sat nav woman, AND running a red light (on accident – if you saw some of the light systems over here, you would too trust me!)  We finally got to Chili’s and IT WAS CLOSED (even though on the website it didn’t say anything – don’t even get me started!!!).  Let the breakdown begin – parking in parking garage, going into the “mall” for food, too expensive, no air conditioning, too hot, PAID for parking even though we were straight in and out, loosing control of emotions, shouting at Chris, driving into several pub car parks and driving right out, and FINALLY driving to Ely to eat at a yucky Little Chef… blah!
All in all the day was very nice.  It was good to see more of the country and even better to remember America.  I have always had such an appreciation of my country – I love Veterans Day and all the other patriotic holidays – but I never REALLY knew how much living in such an amazing land meant to me until I didn’t live there anymore.  It isn’t perfect by any means, but I cant help but cry when I hear “I’m Proud to be an American” – because I really, really am.


3 thoughts on “The American Cemetery in Cambridge

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  2. Im glad you had such a nice 4th of July!! I know what you mean about feeling patriotic. I have always been patriotic but it wasnt until I moved to the UK and when I wasnt living in the US any longer that I realised just what it meant to be an American. And it isnt because we are living in a third world country or an unfree country here in the UK but because I am not home. American will always be my home. I think I would have been in tears if I was there. I cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner. I am such a bawl baby!!

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