Tiny Moments Day 2 and a bit about the Heat…

This is my “fertility” plant.  You know, the one they give out every Mothers day at church?  When I got mine it had 2 flowers one was nearly dead and the other was defective (which I found quite ironic).  I thought I would just leave it do die, but then, when it was on the cusp of death (how is that for drama) – I couldn’t let it die and brought it back to life!  Now, I am happy to report it is growing like a weed (sometimes it looks like one too).  I think it appreciates the heat and sunshine – oh and being saved by yours truly!
Here is a picture of it when we weren’t giving it enough water:
We thought for sure it was dead, but then I gave it some water and it perked right up – it did the same thing when we went up North for 3 days and forgot to water it – we REALLY thought it was dead when we got home, but we watered it (A LOT) and low and behold our plant that just wont die came back to life… again.  It is really nice to have a plant that actually TELLS you when it needs more water, by throwing a bit of a tantrum and playing dead.
Here it is right after I re-planted it and decided I didn’t want it to die…

In other news…
IMG_0198 IMG_0199
I know 84* might not seem like a lot to those of you in SLC, but anyone who has experienced humidity – knows it is HOT (especially with no air conditioning).  I am thankful for the sunshine and the strange, but ever present breeze in the kitchen, but I have had my fill of the heat wave and am waiting and praying for cooler temperatures.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Moments Day 2 and a bit about the Heat…

  1. I wish my house plants would come back from the dead. They die and stay that way. I need your gift! Good luck with the heat. Perhaps it is time to open the fridge, plant yourself in front of it scantily clad, and enjoy the chill 🙂

  2. That plant is actually really pretty. I love the colors of it the yellows and reds. It must really love you. I am sure that there is some churchy message to do with the plant like… well who knows just something churchy but I cant think of anything right now:)

    I cant believe it is hotter here than in SLC. Seriously? Come on now this global warming thing is flippin crazy. We have a mobile a/c and it is going right now. It sux the water out of the air too which is nice! See just another reason to get that car fixed and visit the North West!! 🙂

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