My Day in Simple Sentences

I woke up with a head cold – in JUNE.
I drove for 35 minutes to Peterborough District Hospital for the 3rd time in 4 days.
I paid £2.00 to PARK at the hospital for 2 hours.
I signed in for my appointment and was told to wait.
5 minutes after my appointment time I spoke to the nurse and asked how many were ahead of me – 9, yes NINE.
Tried to ignore the annoying woman sitting in front of me interrupting my reading.
Waited for another hour, having minor anxiety about the time left on my parking.
Still trying to ignore that woman!  Cant she see the book is open I AM READING!
Went up to the nurse again asking how many were ahead of me an hour later – 3.
Trying not to slap the woman in the face – STOP TALKING!!!
15 minutes until time runs out on parking I was called to see the Doctor, 1 hour and 45 minutes later than my actual appointment time.
The doctor said, “Have you started on your new gluten free diet?”
“That’s okay, just do it when you feel ready.”
“I will make you an appointment for a bone density test and wont be seeing you anymore.”
“Okay… ummm thanks?”
I walk out of the room not even 5 minutes after being called in.
I drive home with a horrible head cold, headache, and throat – knowing everything that happened in that office I could have been told through a letter.
I hate the NHS (most of the time).
I get home and crash on the bed.
Chris goes and buys me cold medicine and orange juice and makes me soup.
I sleep till 7.
I updated BOTH of my blogs.
I still feel sick and cant wait for Chris to be done with work (at 11) so I can sleep some more.
The End.


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