Some of my Favourites

Hello Internet!  If you are like me you like looking at blogs on the internet.  I have been looking for blogs and clever things on the internet since I worked for the Government and had LOTS of free time on my hands.  In the process, since those 7 years ago that I started, I have gotten quite a collection of blogs –  I will share with you a few of my favourites , they are all good reading – I promise.
I have my blogs organized into 5 different categories – I will pick a few of my favourites in each:
Stranger Blogs: (and her cute store
(I have been reading these blogs and following them (most of them) for nearly the whole 7 years.  The women who write them are witty and inspiring.  When I secretly enter this “popular” blog circle, I am desperate to be a part of it but am content to be a bystander – kind of like in high school :))
Friend Blogs:
(These are only a small few of the friend blogs that I have.  I love that the internet gives me a way to connect with friends.  Some of them I look at each day, but most of them I check religiously every Sunday night.)
Family Blogs:
(The reason I picked this one is because the talent of my cousin is amazing.  She has done all the illustrations in the blog and, to be honest, I am sooo jealous the artist gene seemed to skip right over me.  Go and explore.)
Misc. Blogs:
(These are blogs that don’t really have a category – but they are so entertaining!  Two of them (homemaking honeys and making this home) are both American women living in Europe.  I especially liked Making this Home’s blog today (hint hint) :))
Infertility Blogs:
(I have a long list of infertility blogs that I go to for support and strength.  The first one is an amazing resources for anyone going through any part of infertility and the next two have touched my heart and think anyone would benefit and look at life differently from reading them.) 


2 thoughts on “Some of my Favourites

  1. Thanks so much for this list! I knew about some of the blogs, but not all of them and I just LOVE reading other peoples blogs, including yours by the way 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie I hope you dont mind my comment. Thanks for mentioning Homemaking Honeys!! I hope that takes off just as well as that has!!! Thanks again. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the virtual bookclub!! You said you are from the states living here in the UK. Where about are you? You ought to email me I would love to know your thoughts. i am from Utah originally and have lived in the Northwest of England for 7 years now! It hardly ever stops raining! 🙂

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