D – Day

Well, maybe not as dramatic as D-day but this Wednesday is a big day for me, a life changing day. 
I have mentioned before that I was in the process of being tested for Celiac Disease.  I got my blood test back in December and my levels were very high so the specialist referred me to get a biopsy.  I went through that whole ordeal (the biopsy itself wasn’t a big deal, just the drama surrounding actually getting there) and the doctor (here in England they aren’t called “doctors” but Consultants – don’t ask me why – I don’t know or understand it!) said she would post me the results as soon as she got them.
This past week I got the dreaded letter saying yes, I do have Celiac.  The Consultant said she would get me an appointment with the Dietician.  I wasn’t going to hold my breath because last time I had an appointment with a dietician I waited about 6 months.  While I was at my interview Thursday, Chris got a call from the Hospital saying my appointment was this coming Wednesday – SHOCKING!
So, what does this mean to me?  It means Wednesday I go see the woman who is going to tell me that “officially” I shouldn’t eat ANYTHING with Gluten in it.  Have you ever paid attention what food has Gluten  in it or any kind of Gluten product?!?  EVEYRTHING – alright, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration too, but almost everything does.
The good thing about being diagnosed I will get gluten free products from the NHS – goodbye huge grocery bills (pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, etc.) and everything I’ve read and heard says I will feeling 100% better after a few weeks on the new diet.
But it is a huge change and I am not too sure I am ready for it.  As it is, I don’t feel very sick – not like a lot of sufferers who get REALLY ill when they have even a crumb of gluten.
So right now I am trying not to think about it, even though that isn’t working very well because everything I eat I think, “awwwww this is the last time I’ll be able to eat this….”


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