This and That – Odds and Ends

I know it is past time for an update:
*  My Celiac test came back with bad results – My score 119, normal below 8.  I am now off to get a endoscopy and biopsy.  I still haven’t gotten back to the hospital to get my other 5 tests done.  Hopefully when I do they will all come back normal.  With the prospect of a diagnosis of Celiac I have decided, for right now, to cut out most of the gluten in my diet but not all.  I know a lot of people disagree, but I know my body and I know right now, this is the answer and way to go for me.
*  We spent a busy weekend with our lovely nephew Tyler.  He was VERY hard work, but an absolutely perfect baby.  I loved the time with him, loved watching Chris with him, and loved having someone to take care of – but realized once again how much work it is! 
*  I put up new pictures.
*  It is still freezing here in England!
*  I have found some websites that I think are great, you should check them out!!!!
It is Chris’ big 30th birthday party tomorrow.  It has been quite stressful getting things together and having some disappointments but hopefully it will be a very good night.  I am sure pictures will follow.  I am in the midst right now of putting together Chris’ train cake!
Chris’ parents and his brother, sister in law and 2 nieces are headed over to America Sunday for a few weeks – I am so jealous!!!  I cant wait to get back home.

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