You Say Celiac, I Say Coeliac

After a quite ominous letter received the day after Chris and I got back from our HORRIBLE Brussels trip, saying “YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COELIAC!” (Alright maybe not in bold or all caps but that is what it translated to me) I FINALLY, today, had my first appointment with my Specialist (THANKS FOR THE 2 MONTH WAIT NHS!). 
I had to take the train down to the hospital, after getting there an hour early and then waiting in the dreary clinic an HOUR after my appointment time – I walked into the exam room.  The doctor was very, very kind and took time to ask all about my symptoms and SHOCKINGLY wanted to read all my past history from Utah and even wanted to take some copies for her notes (very refreshing!).  She told me that I should have been officially diagnosed back in Utah, but that she would do a full work up to make sure and then get me on the road to better health 🙂  She told me that I needed to get another Endoscopy (oh joy!) and also, she would need a full blood work up because often thyroid and glucose are often closely related. 
If you know me at all… you know I have horrible time giving anyone any of my blood – see exhibit A:

This was my arm when I was in hospital a few years ago and they could only find one vein down that arm that they used again and again – and I wont even get started about about the time they had to use and ultrasound machine to find a vein during another hospital stay – needless to say I give those nurses a run for their money!
All of this being said, I knew there would be problems today because I had only had a few bits of muffin and a half a bottle of water in the morning and that equals trouble.
SIX tries later, and not just one little try – the nurses get so frustrated they root around in there moving the needle all around the vein (PAIN) – they found no blood.  So now, instead of getting the results within the week, now I have to go to my regular doctors surgery and get it done there and sent away (THANKS AGAIN NHS!)
So how am I feeling?  I will be honest – I am not at all ready to face it, to change my whole lifestyle and to miss out on some of the things I love.  I have it under control for the most part, I know what makes me sick (including chocolate) and I know how to handle it – can I commit to it? NO, not now.  But then the doctor says, “this is a complete change – there is no halfway about it!  You may not want to hear it, but this had health consequences that reach far beyond an upset stomach.”
I guess I’ll just have to see how the next few weeks play out and see if I really want to do this right now – regardless of the consequences.

2 thoughts on “You Say Celiac, I Say Coeliac

  1. So tough, life is! Thanks for sharing your hardships….it makes the world seem more real when people share real stuff. Life\'s not always sunshine and lollipops and, in my opinion, it makes it a lot easier when we share our burdens. Even though I can\'t do much for you….I think about you and hope for the best.

  2. So, when you get back, I am guessing no chocolate volcanoes from Chili\'s…? NO biggie, I will sacrafice and eat it all just for your health. That is what a good friend would do. Actually…a good friend wouldn\'t even order it so you wouldn\'t be tempted…I guess I will sacrafice and not order one…Man I am a good friend.-Abbie

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