Name That Tune…

When I was “working” for the government, I spent a lot of time downloading songs I LOVED!  I would be sitting there day dreaming and a memory would pop into my head and inevitably it would have music associated with it. 
My high school experience has a great soundtrack full of: swing music, Broadway, punk, and alternative music. 
Whenever I think of my 2 greatest friends from life my memories often are accompanied by “In The Jungle”, “Going to the Chapel”, and many other 1950’s era favourites and a constant stream of belly laughs!
My family life is fully of Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Beatles on Saturday mornings and I can sing MANY Olivia Newton John songs all learned and recited while growing up.
My first love was full of pining away and LOTS of popular love songs often fit the situation – but the song, I Wish I Wasn’t – by Heather Headly was the song that described it as if I wrote it myself.
I still remember the parts and words to so many songs I learned while in Young Women’s and can even still do the sign language to one!
My relationship now started with songs about waiting and distance – even picking out a special song just for me and Chris (The Promise). Now I find that instead of enlarging my life’s soundtrack – I find it more comforting and more joyful to listen to the past music of my life.
I have always had a love of music.  I took voice lessons for around 10 years and burst into song quite often during the day, having learned enough songs to link to almost any subject! I can sit in a restaurant and very often I make note to my companion that, “my dad has this CD!”  I used to play a game with my grandpa when I would visit him in St. George – he would give me a subject and I would find a song that involved that subject.  There were are few friends that would participate in “in-car” concerts with me and we would sing complete musicals in the car – and drive around just to do the whole show.
Music moves me in a way that nothing else does.  Music can move me to tears or bring me complete contentment within seconds.  Just take a moment to think about it, I dont think we realize how much it is involved in our lives.
So, what are some songs that are in your life’s soundtrack??

One thought on “Name That Tune…

  1. Hey Jamie, I loved this blog and the next one too. One song that is etched into my memory comes from when I was a toddler and our extended family had FHE on Sunday nights at my little Grandma\'s house. They always closed the night with the hymn “When Upon Life\'s Billows” and it\'s still my favorite hymn! I also remember my cousin (who is now a member of the Tab Choir) singing “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie the old gray goose is dead” at that same FHE, in a little tiny, wiggly voice. She grew up to have a beautiful full vibrato…

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