I’ve Been Tagged (a.k.a. A Good Reason to Write)

I know it has been ages since I have written.  I think when I feel sad, I don’t like to write because, although it is highly helpful for me to write, I hate to have people think I am struggling or bore people with my complaints – of a life I picked.  But I just exercised (SHOCK) and am feeling like I should get something done.  Since I have a highly efficient husband (all the housework is done, thanks to him) this what I have to do, and to tell the truth I do miss it.
Since I check my friends blogs every night I noticed that Alison tagged me and, in a way, so did Amanda – so I will kill 2 birds with one stone – Sorry if it is boring, at least I am writing something… right?
Anyway, back to the matter at hand:
1.  I love brushing my teeth, and could do it for a while except the very annoying fact that I gag whenever I get the tooth brush near my tongue or even just think about it touching my tongue. 
2.  I cant have a drink of water in a cup or bottle that has had juice or soda in it.  Even if it is washed I can taste the flavour and cant drink the water.
3.Whenever I go to a grocery store I have to go up and down every single isle, the same way, every time.  It drives Chris crazy, but I think this comes from when I used to go shopping with my mom she went up and down every isle – I do skip the pet food isle (most the time).
4. Sometimes when I play the piano at church for Sacrament meeting – I speed it up just to throw the congragation off and to get the song over with.
5.  As I have gotten older and the longer I live in England the more I hate meat.  I rarely eat it, and I cant stand to handle it at all.
6.  Every morning I check the same web sites, in the same order and NEVER deviate from it.
1.Did you date anyone from your high school? Yes I did, and after high school for WAY too long!
2.What kind of car did you drive? My parents lovely Suburban (that I treated like my own) and my Honda Civic.
3.Were you a party animal? No.
4.Were you considered a flirt? I didn’t think so, but, some people say I was.
5.Were you in a band, orchestra, or choir? Madrigals for 2 years.
6.Where you a nerd? I don’t think so.
7.Were you on any Varsity teams? Nope.
8.Did you ever get suspended or expelled?  No, me in trouble?? Never!
9.Can you sing the Fight Song? Nope but I can sing our school song.                                             10.Who was your favourite teacher? Mr. Moore
11.Where did you sit for lunch? “our table” as a Sophomore, and in the Drama and Choir rooms the other years.
12.What was your schools full name? Cyprus High School
13.What was your mascot? A Pirate
14.If you could go back again would you? Nope, it was a good time and made good memories, but would NEVER go back.
15.What do you remember about graduation? Nothing much at all, am I getting old??
16.Where did you go on your Senior Skip Day? I am sure I did, I was MIA most of my Senior year.
17.Were you in any clubs? Madrigals and I think that is all.
18.Have you gained any weight since then? Yes 😦                                                                     19.Who was your Prom dates? I didn’t go to Prom, boys choice – I wish I had though – oh well…
20.Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?  Doubtful…

One thought on “I’ve Been Tagged (a.k.a. A Good Reason to Write)

  1. Hi Jamie! It\'s Senta (in case this posts as anonymous…) I keep wanting to post a comment on your blog but I always forget my windows ID 🙂 Anyway I hope you are doing well, it\'s so fun to read about what you are up to, and your blast from the past was fun…I have some more scrapbook stuff for you when you get back! 😉

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