On Getting Older and other Mindless Chatter…

Things here at the Flattley house are boring and horrible beginning of the week.  The weather isn’t playing fair at all and FINALLY today for a few minutes here and there the sun has decided to stop making us miserable and showing itself – accompanied with high winds – but sun, none the less.
Everytime the seasons begin to change here it takes quite a while to get used to it.  My mind tells me that Autumn brings with it cooler weather and quite a bit of rain but, I tend to forget and then when it comes it takes quite a while to get used to.
Today I found them, hiding , mixed in with the others and EXTREMELY defiant.  I am only 27 but after doing my research I have found that they happen because of stress and genetics – but give me a break TWO gray eyebrow hairs?!?!!?  TWO on the same eyebrow at the same time?  If stress does this to me, makes me older, I will have a walker by the time I get back to America!  Please someone else my age tell me you’ve found some too… please…
Chris and I are starting on his Visa this week…. America here we come, we have a place to live (thanks to an amazing friend) but we will also need a car (any will do – have you seen our old car Bella??) and we, of course will need jobs…  keep your eyes and ears open for me please 🙂
On a serious note:  Chris and I are struggling to stay above water here in England – we are both looking for jobs and searching for a solution but any thoughts or prayers from our “support” back home would be very appreciated!

On a much, much happier, lovely note:
Today is one of my favourite peoples birthdays… my dad. 
This last time at the temple I was taking pictures of the lovely flowers and I stopped and turned to Chris and said, “taking pictures of flowers?  I am turning into my dad!”
And then I thought to myself, I cant think of many other people I would love to be like.
I miss him like crazy – his influence on my life for good cannot be measured.  When they speak of “spiritual giants” he is mine, and many other peoples as well.
He is a good example to so many around him and I cant wait to get home and just spend time with him…
I love you dad!!!  Happy Birthday!!!
P.S. Dad, your oldest daughter is getting gray hair… you’re not old enough to have a daughter with gray hair… are you???


5 thoughts on “On Getting Older and other Mindless Chatter…

  1. Found your blog – I LOVE IT!Don\'t worry, I have several gray hairs, i found them about a year ago, when I was 27.  It was shocking to say the least!

  2. Oh the pains of growing older. I\'ve had 2 gray hairs that Doug has lovingly said are “blond”. If you didn\'t read on our blog, I tagged you. Can\'t wait to hear how random you are!

  3. Jamie, my dear!     My sister has been getting gray hair for years now and she is only….29, I think.  As far as jobs go, you could start looking now through the wonderful web.  I am obsessed with looking at open jobs through the Department of Workforce Serivces website which is, http://www.jobs.utah.gov.  You can look at jobs in Tooele county too.  It\'s fabulous!

  4. Thank you for the kind words, sorry i missed your call. Looking forword to a call on sunday. I hope you are well and that things are going good for you. Take care and i will see you soon. Love you lots and lots more.

  5. Well, Jamie…I don\'t know what to tell you about the grey hairs…except, embrase them!  I love my mom\'s grey hair and I can only hope when I start getting grey hair, I can look as fabulous as she does. 
    As for the car thing I will keep my eyes open – we do have 2 cars (Good ol\' Kia Rio…and the Gas Guzzling Explorer).  So, there should be a car for you guys to use until you can find your own/get jobs/etc.  It is just sometimes we are using both because Dave can\'t drive his Patrol Car everywhere – and he hates driving with Bonnie in his patrol car because he basically has to hug the steering wheel for her to fit, on snow days – I normally take the explorer, etc. etc….So, for sure January?  So, December we should start looking for jobs for you guys?

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