Just Say NO! to Nationalized Health Care…

Take it from me, someone who knows the problems with a Nationalized Heath Care…. it may seem nice in theory… but, just take a look at our nearest hospital:

The pictures doesn’t give the building justice, you think it looks run down there – you should see the rest of it!

Notice how old this is (and dirty)… I just loved the wording “press to ascend or press to descend”.

Notice the high quality wood work on the hand rail in the elevator… Not to mention the dirty floors!

High tech filing system/mailing system/x-ray sorter – whatever happened to confidentiality?

How old do you think this sign might be?

Intensive Care Unit — looks more like a scene from a horror movie, and honestly it was that dark in there. 

And… if the gloom of the hallway isn’t enough, just look down to the waiting room and drink in the beauty of several DEAD plants… oh nevermind….

So there you go, there are some pictures of what we have to work with.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe having ANYTHING done to me in this hospital… and believe it or not, most of them are the same, although I think this is the worst one I have see in my short 2 years here… but I guess it is true… you get what you pay for.


One thought on “Just Say NO! to Nationalized Health Care…

  1. Thank you for enlightening all of us with the truth about socialized health care!  We all give up freedom when we become socialized.  Isn\'t that peculiar?  Some politicians say that the system of socialized health care would be great for everyone but I strongly disagree.  I love my freedom of choice in America and I hope it stays this way.  I don\'t want to wait 8 months just to see a doctor.  I want to call a doctor and be seen next week.  And guess what?  I can!  I love living here.  Burn in h-e-double-hockey-sticks Hilary Clinton and all the other lovers of socialism.  (I\'m not trying to throw salt in your eyes, Jamie.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love my country.  I\'m sorry that you can\'t be here.)

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