Hello Internet…. It is HOT in England… take your breath away, dripping with sweat, sticking to the chairs H.O.T.  I don’t think I will ever get used to this weather.  When I first moved here I was living in the trailer (caravan) and it was hot like this…. lets get this right when I say hot I mean, 75, but that is hot!  That is on an island with TONS of humidity!  Some of you will know what I mean when I say I’d rather have 105 with NO humidity, than this.  And to top things all off, not only does the English population on a whole not have dishwashers, dryers, and so many other things but they do not believe in air conditioners either… the only relief is in McDonalds (freezing) or the supermarkets!  Anyway, just thought I’d complain a little.  Today was Mothers Day in America and so the American missionaries came to our house to call home.  It was nice to see them happy to talk to their families.  We were bored so we called my lovely sister-in-law Rachel, and we “borrowed” her baby boy, CJ, for the day.  Here is a picture…

Poor baby, dying of heat too…. Stay tuned… maybe, I’ll write more this week, that is, if I don’t DIE of heat stroke.  

Oooo I Love Comments!

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