Sometimes in this situation it is hard to find, or recognise the blessings around – but Chris and I have some blessings, 5 little ones to be specific.

Chris and I have 5 lovely nieces and nephews and we are lucky enough that their parents trust us to let us take them for a day – not all at once though (I am not crazy!).

Yesterday we took Georgia (18 months) and CJ (7 months) out to the cafe, and petting zoo of sorts with our good friend Nettie and her darling daughter Maisie. We had a great time. It was fun to watch the kids with the animals. It was even funner to watch Chris put the car seat in the car wrong way round, get frustrated with Georgia for playing with the train track he built, and try to keep Georgia near by. It is great to see him be protective and so kind towards the kids. And they LOVE him. Whenever Chris isnt near, you can hear Georgia saying over and over, “Piss, Piss?” (translation: Chris, Chris).

After the day out we brought them back to our very unkidfriendly apartment. After a while I took Georgia into the front room and we cuddled while we watched all sorts of crap kids programing (she liked it, thats all that matters).

But the most heart-warming thing happened while we were watching tv. Chris took CJ into the room (Chris needed a nap from all the hard work of the day), and he layed CJ on the bed next to him. For a while I could hear CJ just laughing and laughing at Chris. The next minute it was silent. I went and checked on them and they had both fallen asleep. When I went in to wake them up I saw CJ laying on my side of the bed with his hads up over his head, looking soooo comfortable, his hand wrapped around Chris finger, who was laying right next to him asleep as well.

It was one of those moments you want to store in your memory forever.

We are so lucky to have these kids in our lives. Our lives are better and happier with them in it.


2 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Hey, your old pal Amy here. I feel like I'm always drumming this into people but I just wanted to remind you of a little something I like to call adoption. I know I can't understand the heart ache you are feeling but you and Chris both have a great amount of love to give and wether or not a child shares your DNA it can still be yours. Also, I might know someone who's had personal experience and would be willing to give you a reference letter. Good Luck! Happy baby making!

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