In the Begining..

Well here are the facts:

Fact – Chris and I have wanted a family since we first got married.
Fact – Nearly 2 years later … nothing.
Fact – My doctor is concerned by my low hormone levels in my blood test.
Fact – My doctor is so concerned that she was irate when my first appointment (April 1) was NEVER re-scheduled, and then scheduled me the first appointment within a 60 mile radius.
Fact – Through some small but significant changes within myself I know there is a problem.
Fact – Chris is very supportive, although at this time we aren’t at all worried about him medically.

So there are the facts – now here are my feelings and reasons for this blog.

Lately I have really struggled with my other blog – because suddenly all the things that were happening were a little to sensitive and personal for anyone to read. I love writing and have always found it a great outlet for my feelings and a great way to sort though the rubbish in my head. I also enjoy having my blog so that I can keep my friends and family posted with my life all the way over here.

This blog will be different than the other one – this one will be VERY honest and real about how I am feeling because I feel comfortable writing my deepest feelings because I trust that those reading will respect and accept those feelings. This blog will also be different because Chris will be writing too – from his perspective.

Chris and I have decided to do this blog because, maybe we are jumping the gun (1st appointment is May 7th), but this is a struggle in our lives. Second, if we do get a baby at some time we want that child to know it was desperately wanted.

Feel free to comment honestly and ask questions if you need to.

We sure love you all and are very happy and grateful for your support.


Oooo I Love Comments!

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