In Retrospect…

I have a lovely family.  My youngest sister is going to be graduating from High School this June. I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  Thinking about what was going on when I graduated from High School, who I was friends with and who my held my heart, and thinking about what advice, if any, I would have wanted or taken.  Thinking of such advice has led me on a long, thought provoking walk down “memory lane”.  I have had so many different feelings and thoughts these past few days I struggle to put them in a blog, because some of them seem deeply personal to me.  It has been quite fun to remember some of the things that I did that I really enjoyed and it has been quite refreshing to re-read through journal entries and realize that some of the pain I went though, that at the time I didn’t think would EVER dull, has.  It has also given me the reassurance that I am a lot stronger than I often give myself credit for.  But, I have learned that the knowledge of strength is something that only comes AFTER the situation.
I know this entry is vague, but I just didn’t want you to think I have forgotten about you Internet — more interesting blogs to come.

Oooo I Love Comments!

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