Again I realise I am not in America…

The other day Chris and I were driving back up to our apartment from town.  We were stuck in traffic on the High Street (Main Street) and we had come to a complete stop.  Now, I learned long ago, that it is best for me to take my camera with me wherever I go because I never know what I might see, but of course I didnt bring it with me just into town.  Anyway…  We are stuck in traffic and all of the sudden what do I see coming down the street opposite of me?  A funeral procession.  But, not just any funeral procession an important, English procession. 
At the beginning of the procession there is a man dressed in a suit and top hat, walking down the street, very slowly, with a cane in his hand.  Behind him a horse drawn hearse.  This hearse is drawn by black horses.  The hearse itself is glass and you can see the coffin in the glass carriage.  Behind that we come back to the 21st century with the car with the family following slowly behind the hearse. 
Whoever this was that has passed away must have been important because just as we were pulling into the car park, we saw the town Mayor and a lot of important city Councillors, walking behind the hearse.
By now I was kicking myself for not having my camera because it is so traditional, so English that I wanted to share it with everyone back in America.  One of those things that you’d NEVER see on the street in America.  So we hurried back to the apartment.  Chris said, “Maybe they’ll come back to the church.” (We live next to a church).  “Oh yeah,” I said, “They’ll just make a U-turn in town and head back.”  This was said quite sarcastically.
About 5 minutes later what happens?  They procession comes back to the church next door – I just hate when he is right!  So I tried to take pictures from the window… If you look close you might see the woman dressed in a red robe, with a black hat, and a big medallion around her neck — that’s the Mayor.
So after much persuasion, and a few promises… Chris walked town to the car park again and took some pictures of the hearse.
The history here in England and the tradition of everything is one of the things I absolutely LOVE about England.  One of those things I wish I could catch in a bottle and keep to share with my friends and family back in America and hopefully, one day, share with my children…  after all it will be part of who they are.


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