Happy Birthday to Chris, Happy Birthday to Chris….

Hello Internet!  Today is a very special day because… (as if you cant tell) ITS CHRIS BIRTHDAY!
Chris is turning 29.  He was born in Gateshead, England (that is where he got his lovely “geordie” accent).  Chris is the oldest in his family, but displays none of the typical “oldest” traits (bossiness, loudness, always having to be right”ness”) like his wife.

Chris and I met face to face in October of 2004.  I picked him up for our blind date and was immediately drawn to how comfortable I felt around him.  He was awkward and shy was very genuine and I found out quite quickly he was a man who knew what he wanted.
I love Chris for so many reasons….  one of the reasons is that he loves me in a way that I didnt think I was worthy to be loved.  After a really rough go at dating and relationships in general I always thought that I deserved so much less that what Chris gives me.  He is kind, loving, and understanding.  He lets me be horrible to him one minute and hugs me and tells me he loves me the next.  He is quick to forgive and very VERY slow to anger.

Chris loves the church.  He wasnt always active but, he has always been a good example to me of what it means to be a member.  He spends a lot of his time teaching with the missionaries, going home teaching, and all the other things associated with his calling.  The people in the branch love Chris, they love his ability to talk to people, his ability to make people laugh, and his testimony. 

The kids love him too… all kids…  He was a lifesaver at times when I was a nanny – cutting out 30 butterflies while I slept off a migraine, played endless games with them and even had heart to heart talks with them when they were sad.  Now back in England his nieces and nephews LOVE him.  Alfie loves seeing the trains with him and last week wouldn’t even go to his mom because he was sitting by Uncle Chris.  Georgia loves him too… they have always had a bond because from the time she was very young Chris and I took care of her…. and Chris jumped right in the deep end with that – doing everything but changing nappies (diapers).  He would feed her, dress her, put her to sleep, and play with her.  She loves her Uncle Chris – so much in fact it is her new word. 
Chris is great with children and will make a wonderful father someday.  That is another thing I was looking for and I definitely got it with him.

I lucked out with Chris for sure.  After all the horrible things I had to go though with other “men” and I just happened to stumble across Chris, I am thankful for that stumble.  We have gone through so much already in our short marriage… and the trials just keep coming.  I am glad Chris never wants to give up on us and I am glad he has so much patience!
Today is special because, today was the day, 29 years ago, that the best man I have ever met was born.  I hope that he knows and can sort out through everything that I love him and that I am so glad he was born and I am so glad he didnt give up on me and I am so glad that I have the chance to spend many, MANY more birthdays with him.

I love you Chris!!!!

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