Tiny Moments … Day 26

Today was Mothering Sunday here in England (English equivalent to Mothers Day).  It was a very difficult day for many reasons but 2 being, I miss my mom and hearing everyone talk about their mom is difficult knowing I am so far from mine, and second Mothers Day is always difficult without children, but now, with our ability to have children in “limbo” it was a lot like salt in the wound… and a whole bunch of other stuff on top of that (dont even get me started).  After church we went to my in-laws to have lunch.  The whole family was there and it was so nice to be around all the cute kids and just have a good laugh.  I was taking pictures of all the kids and by chance caught this picture of Alfie and Georgia.  Just being around the kids made the day a whole lot better.  I must say they are some CUTE kids (plus you should hear them talk with their accents… so cute!).

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