Out for a Drive… a Tour in Pictures

Today Chris and I had to go get a book from a lady in our Branch who lives in Coates.  This is about a 15-20 minute drive away from where we are.  I brought a camera and the following pictures are a result.  Come along with us wont you?
This is Chris, putting some petrol in the car.  One of the best advantages of having a husband is the fact that I rarely have to put petrol in the car myself.  We had a 5p off voucher from a supermarket so we ended up getting around 20 litres for £20.00 – that is good compared to what we have been paying – but still not good enough, anyway I digress…
Here we are in Coates, I made Chris go to the door and while I was waiting I noticed this house next door.  The village of Coates is very small and most of the houses around the village green are like this – notice the thatched roof.  Chris says they are a pain and small animals like to live in the roof, I say so what!  They look quite quaint and charming.
Here is the little church in the middle of the village green.  The village green is literally the middle of the town and the road goes around it.  It is a lot of green grass, some playground toys and this little building.  On the sign, incase you cant read it (congrats if you could!) it says: Wesley Church 1866.
Here is the view from the church to *gasp* another church. 
Lets just take a moment to appreciate how incredibly green everything is… it isn’t dull it is quite a vivid green and this green was all the way up the tree.
Now we leave the village and decide to drive through the winding roads in the village, and I don’t even think its a village, just a blip maybe, in a place called Turves.  We quite enjoy calling it “Turds”… sorry to those who live in Turves who read my blog which, I think, is no-one, but just in case!  As you enter Turves you see this sign:
Yes that is a frog, and after living in England for almost 2 years I can say honestly that I have never once seen a frog in Turves.
In Turves there are 3 separate railroad crossings (or as we like to call them “level crossings” ;)) The place is so small that they all go down at the same time.  Its one of those places where if you blink you’ll miss it – especially on the train.  Notice the lovely English sky… blah.  It is interesting to note that Chris loves trains so much that the smile on his face when he saw the crossing lights go on was priceless AND yes, he did get out of the car while we were stopped to get this pictures. 
What the?!?!?!  I was about to pull away from the level crossing and noticed, in the yard next to us there was this palm tree.  Hmmmm….
Turves has NARROW streets, definitely a change from America and, I think, not wide enough to get 2 cars past each other.  Every time a car drives past me I tend to pull off to the side as far as possible (without falling down a ditch) and, without fail, hold my breath – as if that helps, and we just barely fit…still don’t believe how narrow the roads are: 
  This is our car (compact car) on the road, in the middle of the road.  I came to a stop and Chris jumped out and took the picture.  The road is narrow, I promise!
And then we got home.  It was nice to get out and take a little drive and I hope this didn’t bore you… but this is my life – and I thought you might be interested in little things like this.  Are you?

One thought on “Out for a Drive… a Tour in Pictures

  1. I loved it Jamie!  I will never live in England so I revel anything you post that involves the place.  Thanks for the tour!

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