An Update of Sorts…

*  I have been feeling sick.  Migraines,  Migraines, and more Migraines — even the Codeine isn’t working anymore – any hints?!?!?
*  The haircut went well, haven’t dyed my hair yet – but pictures will follow as soon as I talk Chris into it (not taking the picture but actually DYING my hair).
*   In response to a recent email from an unnamed friend (rhymes with my name), to her I say:   YES IT WAS YOU WHO SMASHED MY THUMB and NO I WILL NOT RETRACT MY ENTRY – SO DEAL WITH IT!
*  Went to Chili’s again over the weekend (second time). It was expensive as ever but made me look forward to all the yummy food soon to be consumed by me back in America. 
*  In response to a much nicer friends email – Pictures of English Supermarkets coming soon!
*  We are coming to America and I cant wait…  2 months today!!!  Whooo Hooo!!! 
* But wait…. first comes my birthday and yes, to all of you wondering I will be turning 25….


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