The Plant that Wouldn’t Stop Growing…

Once upon a time Chris and I bought a can with a “magic seed” in it, that when grown would have, imprinted on the shell, “I love you”.  We watered it and took really, REALLY good care of it and low and behold this happened….
  It grew, not only grew but flourished, now most people would throw it away seeing that the seed really said I love you, but not me.  I watered it and continued to take really, REALLY good care of it and then this happened….
This is the plant just 6 months later.  It took over our window and had a mind of its own…  and it also grew these…

Yes those are pods and yes that is a regular size pencil. 
Then just the other day I couldn’t handle it anymore – I cut it all down and threw it into the garbage bin.

Shall I show you one more thing??
A Long, Long time ago on a Halloween night in the church parking lot, a friend of mine smashed my thumb in the suburban and the thumbnail fell off and grew back.  The nail was a little oddly shaped but that was its only problem, until last December and its gotten worse and worse until now it is this:

Don’t worry all the doctors say it is fine and I just have to “deal with it”.

Would you like to see some pictures of where I live??
Take a look at the new picture albums to see pictures of my room and some other things.


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