Forget Paris…

Chris and I have now been home from Paris since LATE Tuesday night.
We left for Paris on Saturday.  We got down to London on the first day by coach (bus) it was a LONG ride.  We sat at the back but didn’t realize that by sitting at the back we would be right next to the toilet.  Needless to say with that smell and the 3 hour drive I was not feeling too well when we got to the hotel.  Chris did let me get a taxi from the station so we didn’t have to take the tube.  We got to the hotel at 2:30 and they wouldn’t let us check in so we had to wait for 3:00 and then got into our room.  It was in the basement.  The only window had bars on it and looked UP to the sidewalk.  It was miserable hot and I went up to get a room upgrade and he wouldn’t help so we just got a fan and that helped a little.  I slept a little and then we went to dinner and went to Hyde Park and Chris and I just talked until it got dark. 
It took us about 3 hours to get to Paris via Eurostar. We got there and couldn’t check in until 3:00 and so we went to lunch at a corner cafe and then checked in.  I slept some more (don’t I sound like fun to go on holiday with?) while Chris went out and explored.  He got back to the hotel and we went on a cruise on the River Seine.  It was really nice and relaxing.  It was the first time I got to see the Eiffel Tower – surreal. 
The next day it RAINED AND RAINED.  I have to say it is probably my fault.  I HATE the heat and the day before it was roasting so I said to myself over and over… I hope it rains just a little to cool things down — and it did! 
After the rain slowed we took an open bus tour of the city seeing all the major sights (see pictures).  We got about halfway through the tour and I was trying to turn my camera to black and white and by accident I erased all of my pictures so we had to go on the tour again and re-take all the pictures.
We went back to the hotel and later decided to go and see the light show at the Tower.  That was really nice and worth it. 
The next day we took another tour and had plans for the day because the train didn’t leave till 6:00 that night.  Well, the weather was HOT again and I got a migraine.  We did one tour and then decided to try to find some pizza – and couldn’t – at all… FINALLY we did and by then I was in misery.  We attempted to buy souvenirs, and I attempted not to die, and we decided to make our way to the station (taxi again, THANK GOODNESS!)
While at the station, I needed some pills for my migraine and sweet Chris walked out of the station and down the street and got me some pills.  Upon his return, there in the waiting area I barfed into my souvenir bag.  We went through check in (Got my passport stamped 3 times – the whole reason for the trip so I can drive) and really, after that it is fuzzy.  I was so sick and drugged by that point.
I can start to remember when we were about in England. 
And then the strangest thing happened…
I was so excited to be HOME.  Yes, home in England.  It was the first time I’ve considered England my home and not Utah.  It was the best feeling ever to know I finally felt that for this country.  I was impatient to get back to my apartment and my town – and it wasn’t anywhere in Utah. 
The trip was worth it if only for that feeling.
So let me sum things up:
Things about Paris I learned:
* They like their cigarettes.
* There really are cafe’s on every corner.
* Fellow Americans take Note — they don’t like us much ESPECIALLY when you are loud and rude (made me embarrassed several times).
*  It is good to go to Paris ONCE but it isn’t like the movies and if you expect that it is – you’ll just be let down.
It was a very nice break.  It was good to go.  But I am glad to be home.
** New Pictures Added
**  Check out Chris’ blog for another version and follow the links to Chris’ blog.
**  New videos from Paris coming soon … look for updates on

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