Good News…. Keep it Coming….

Hello Internet!!
I said I’d update more often and I feel myself slipping and not updating so here is the good news…
Good News #1 – I got a job.  It is at a day care right here in the town that I live!  I got offered part time or full time work, but I choose part time so I can still be a happy housewife some of the time.  I start next week and I am already thinking of all the ways I am going to confuse those poor English children.  I will be working with the toddlers – children just learning to talk.  I have tried since I have been here to keep using my “American” words, but I don’t think I will be able to with them, for example:
American –
“After you are done with those cookies could you please throw the trash in the garbage can and then go lay in your crib for a nap – thank you.”
English –
“After you are done with that biscuit could you please throw the rubbish in the bin and then go lay in your cot for a kip – ta.”
I can see it now 10 toddlers with eyes wide open looking at me like I am speaking another language – because, well, I am! 
Good News #2 – As if getting a new job wasn’t enough, I have decided to go to school at the same University Chris is working through, and am taking 2 classes.  It is nice to do school when, one, I want to, and two, I get to pick my classes.  Because Chris has had everything paid for through financial support, we are thinking I will too!  So I have to wait and see but ‘Watch this Space’ and hopefully that will work out too… oh yeah, the courses are ‘Creative Writing and a Music class.  What more could I ask for?  Writing and music – this is a school they MUST have in heaven.
Good News #3 – Speaking of Heaven…. this last Saturday was me and Chris’ 1 Year Anniversary!  We made it, sometimes I thought we wouldnt but, I am so pleased that we have, and I am looking forward to more and more years with him!!! 
So there is the update….  Keep posted and check out the weekend pictures…  with more snaps of – Bella the Car and our Crazy Bank Holiday Weather!

Oooo I Love Comments!

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