Two and Counting….

After the weekend I think I can confidently say I have done some damage to the car and the kitchen that will have to be left until we grow some kind of money tree.
Friday I went to a job interview.  I am not good at finding places in Salt Lake, and that’s a grid system, but put me in a place where there is no rhyme or reason to the streets and I get completely lost.  I had to find the centre all on my own because Chris had work so I FINALLY found it and went to pull into the car park and I saw a sign that said “2 MPH”.  I figured this was warning me to slow down because there might be children around, so I slowed down – to “5 MPH”.  Right as I was doing that I hit the “Mother of all speed bumps”…. It was one of those, that, I thought immediately in my head, “THATS going to do some damage!” and it did… I parked the car and went into my interview, forgetting all about it until I walked out and saw my muffler about 2 inches from the ground, clinging to dear life.  The problem comes when I have to drive home and hope that I don’t hit a bump.  I pulled out onto the main road and was driving at a crawl.  Not only was I driving pretty slow I was strategically trying to miss all the man holes, bumps, and any uneven ground.  I crept home in one piece, all the while praying out loud that I could just make it home.  And how did we fix it?  Well….  Chris and I tied it up to the car with washing line string, to get to his parents and, at there his brother came up with a novel way to fix it – now the muffler is very secure with plastic cable ties.  Considering the car is about 14 years old and we purchased it for £150 and its run this well for this long, I guess I cant complain about some plastic ties.  I have become uncharacteristically complacent about my car at this point.
I also tried to put in a shelf this morning in the kitchen that I’ve asked Dear Husband to do several times and I cant be bothered to wait any longer.  I measured where to put holes on the wall by drawing circles on some masking tape and then using it for a template.  I started to drill and the drill ran out of battery, so I thought I’d hammer in the drill bit to make a hole for the screw.  So I got the wooden legs of our couch and proceeded to hammer in the drill bit so far that I had to make another hole next to it to get the drill bit out.  Then I tried to fill the extra hole with some blue tack (I know, I don’t know why either, but it seemed like a good idea at the time) and then proceeded to screw them in… it didn’t hold, so I got a small screw and hammered that into the wall above the first holes, but it ended up just connecting the two holes together, so now I have two quarter size holes in my wall and still no shelf! 
So until the money tree starts sprouting pound notes, we’ll have to settle for kitchen holes and cable tie mufflers….
Bella the Car….                                                                   The new kitchen decor… 

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