Bits and Pieces….

Things here in Doncaster have been going unusually well.  The Dragon is being quite kind and I am happier….  I think the reason for both of those things is that I am moving Friday night.

Friday Chris got off work early and we ventured into Sheffield… I wasnt impressed by anything there except the fact that we drove past a street called:   Butt Hole Street (I kid you not, how would you like to live there?!?!?) and a Wilcox Street.  All in all the visit was boring and it took us 2 hours by bus to get to our appointment and even longer to get home.  It is times like that, that I really REALLY miss my car. (It would have taken 20 minutes by car).

Saturday night we went to the ward social – a talent show of sorts, including the award winning road show.  It was a good night.  The road show was great and it took place in America, they were all cowboys, so it was fun to listen to them all try to do an American accent.  At one point the missionaries (2 sisters and 2 elders) got up and did a lip sync (I spelled it sink at first) to a Sons of Provo song.  They were all dressed in street clothes and were mouthing the words and jumping around on stage.  I thought it was great, but I think it verged on breaking missionary rules.  I was thinking… the fact that they even know that song exists just goes to show they are from Utah and Idaho.  I am sure it is something the ward will be talking about for YEARS to come.  We got a ride home with Chris’ friend Colin and his wife Amanda.  Colin is in a wheelchair and he has this great car that is all controlled by hand.  When we pulled into the parking lot he said, ‘not bad for my first time driving in rain.’ Which, I am glad he decided to wait until we were safely in the parking lot to say.  On the way out of the parking lot he was backing up and, you must understand, people in England get REALLY close to cars when they park.  They are parking pros and could fit into spaces with just inches to spare.  Anyway, Colin was backing up and getting really close to the car behind us, but I just thought he was looking and getting close, and then he hit it.  And then, in the church parking lot, he said, ‘lets get out of here!’ and we drove off.  In my defense I dont know who the car belonged too so I couldnt tell, and it didnt do any damage to his car, I doubt it did damage to anyone elses. 

We went to church yesterday and although, there are people I will miss (just a few) I am so glad to be going back to March.  I’ve done all my packing, which is unusual for me to be done this soon, but I just cant wait to get out of here.  The Dragon is having her daughter and granddaugher here until Thursday so it will be a good send off to know just why we are going… as if we dont already know.


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