Still in England…. Still Alive….

First I am going to do the usual apologizing for not keeping up on my BLOG like I promised. 


If I had any idea how full my days would be when I left, I wouldnt have made such promises. 

So here is your update….

Things here in England are WONDERFUL.

We got back from Christmas and I had a day on my own (hence the TESCO story) and then Chris called in sick to work on Thursday and Friday – so we got out and did some sight-seeing and saw some movies etc.  It was great to have him here with me during the days! 

New Years Eve we went into Central London to see the firework show by the London Eye.  It was surreal when we got there.  Big Ben was behind me and in front of me was the River Thames and then across from that was The Eye.  The firework show was really really good and London was an ideal place to ring in the New Year – until we had to get back to the tube station, which was right around the corner, but took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there.  There was a huge crowd of thousands of people and everyone wanted to get in.  It was actually quite scary and although, the fireworks were great…. they werent worth risking my life to get back on the tube, and next year I’ll just watch it on TV with Chris instead of going down there.

Sunday we went to  church and had to take 2 busses and walk.  We left at about 9:15 AM and didnt get to church until around 10:15.  This is not normal for this “Utah Mormon”.  It was a good service, even if I did end up playing the piano – again.

Monday I finally FINALLY got to meet my good friend John.  John and I met about 6 years ago on the internet and have talked ever since.  He is the one who set me up with Chris.  Monday we hung out with him and his lovely wife and then went to London for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe – Chris and I paying as a thank you for introducing us. 

Tuesday I took a train to Doncaster to visit my good friends Michelle and Daniel and their baby Josh.  It was so good to see them again and spend some time with them.  They are a great family and amazing friends.   Time went by too fast when I was there.  Yesterday we went to the second hand market in the city centre.  I got a cute English teapot and then we went shopping in some stores and I got 3 pairs of shoes for only………

£14.00.  I think its a bargain….. I even got a pair for £1.00.  I reluctantly said goodbye to Michelle and Daniel and came back home.  Home as in London. 

It is so good to be  back.  I missed Chris more than I thought I would – I mean after all I was only gone for a night. 

For those of you wondering…. things with Chris are good – very, very good. So good in fact that I am probably going to extend my ticket for another week.  When I left America if you would have asked me how things were going to turn out with Chris – this way was the one way I DID NOT expect.  It is a very happy surprise.

And almost as much as I love Chris, I love England.  I havent been homesick – AT ALL.  Do I miss my friends and family – of course!  But, I feel more at home here than I have anywhere else – ever.  And now, as Chris and I move forward with plans for our future – I realize that England is going to be a big part of it – and that makes me very happy.

P.S. If you want Chris’ version of the week check out his blog…. the link is on my list of links…

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