Last Waltz for Admin….

Well… I cant believe it… today is my very last day in this office.  It is bittersweet.  I am so glad I can finally throw away my “rule” books about accounting.  I wont miss a lot of the people that I work with.  Most of them could compete professionally if backstabbing were a sport.  I wont miss a lot of things… but it seems like the things I will miss far outweigh the bad, they are the things that have kept me coming back to work after 3 1/2 years – even though I am doing accounting, and got D- throughout school in math.  I will miss my own office…. I will miss working with my brother…. I will miss the freedom I had here (2 hour lunches if needed ;)) and of course, more than anything, the people I call friends now – not co-workers – THEY’ve kept me coming back and I was lucky for that! 

On a very side note… check out Chris’ blog entry – tell me that isnt the sweetest thing ever!!!


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