Its official….

Yesterday I decided to tell my cute nanny family that I am moving to PA to help them for sure.  I dont know when I leave yet, but it will be soon… within weeks…  I was okay with the decision, until I actually talked to the family and realized what a HUGE job this is going to be – 5 kids and me in charge of all of them – all of the time… ALL of the time…  it just compacted my bad day…  Here is a list of things that made my day bad…

1.   WORKING FOR THE DISHONEST, UNDERHANDED, THOUGHTLESS, THEIFS – I call them my bosses, you call them the Government… I had no idea just how corrupt the government is – now I do and it is worse than anyone thinks…

2.  I went to do piano lessons and finished in 5 minutes with 25 more to fill because she didnt practice… LISTEN to your mother — practice your piano!

3.  I thought maybe to calm me down I would drive through the canyon — I got up there and all the leaves had fallen off the tree and, apparently – were no longer as beautiful as they were 2 days ago…

4.  I drove on the skinny road and freaked myself out because there wasnt room for 2 cars so as soon as I got about 2 minutes into the canyon I turned around. I had freaked myself out about falling down the cliff because of the small road…

5.  I decided to try another canyon and got high enough up in the Bountiful mountains to see the entire Davis County… but still no leaves…

6.  I decided to just look at all the HUGE houses and got myself carsick doing that — I guess there is a first for everything – my friends will understand – its now official I cant even drive and not get carsick. 

7.  I hate the stupid Baseball playoffs — ruin my FOX program viewing…

8. And then the whole announcement — come November I’ll be a mother of 5 – not a nanny a mother

And poor Chris and Kim get the brunt of it… let me say publicly… sorry I’m horrible sometimes…

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