In the Good Old Days…

If you’ll indulge me for a few minutes I’ve been thinking today about “The Good Old Days”…. I sound old when I say it, and really for me those days were only about 10 years ago (TEN YEARS?!!?).  Is this how life goes?  One day you’re 14 and in love with the lead of Bye Bye Birdie and the next thing you know you are trying to decide who to marry, where to live and what you want to do with the rest of your life.  I remember people saying once you have kids your time just flys by – but for me, a single girl without kids, time is going pretty fast too.  So I started thinking what was it about my life 10 years ago that made them merrit the phrase “Good Old Days”?  I came up with a list…. (check the photo file labled “Good Old Days to see what I’m talking about – or to realize just how much we’ve aged!)

1.  Being in love with not just one man, but five… NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!  I remember I liked Jonathan Knight the best because everyone else was in love with Jordan – his brother, and I felt a little sorry for him.  I think the first time that the guilt started was at Amanda’s birthday party we had cupcakes with the New Kids names on them and no one wanted a Jonathan one.   I remember being heartbroken, when in protest to my mother, I tore up my poster of the group – a poster that, I am not ashamed to admit, I had kissed  many times.  After I realized what I had done I sat on my bed and cried.

2.   Walking down to Reams and thinking it made me “almost grown up”.  I loved the whole idea that I would save my money and could take my change and go buy the newest kind of .10 candy they had.  This whole idea is pretty funny considering that I live closer to a Smiths now (I always drive) and I HATE spending any money at the grocery store – who needs milk when you can buy shoes???   

3.  The biggest “money trouble” we had was trying to find enough change in Abbie’s couch to pay the pizza guy for the Stuffed Crust Pizza we ordered.

4.  Quarters…. The game, although having money quarters was good too… 

“Oh spirit of the dead, were you killed???” “Derick it landed on heads!!!  She was killed and she needs us to solve the mystery – which we can do – just by flipping this quarter on the tramp!”

5.  The biggest “fashion trend” was waking up each morning and wondering what pair of socks would look good rolled up with my teal socks, and then putting on my jeans – pinching them at the bottom and then rolling them up too – so my teal and, more than likely, purple socks showed.

6.  The newest “technology” was working the “freeze frame” button on Abbies remote so we could watch Casper or The Sandlot while still drooling over such “hotties” as Devon Sawa and Mike Vitar.  Looking and them now and rememering how much I lusted after them, I feel a little like a pervert, or Demi Moore.

And now we are busy with real money, real games, real fashion and real adulthood.   Are the next 10 years going to fly by as fast?  Am I going to be 34 (almost 35 *cringe*) and look back and think – ah… I remember the Good Old Days – and actually find out the Good Old Days – are right now!


One thought on “In the Good Old Days…

  1. Ahhhhh Jamie…only you could remember those types of things! I had totally forgotten about them until now! I laughed out-loud with the “freeze-frame” because I remember freeze framing it on Mike Vitar\'s butt when the dog was chasing him in Sandlot! You\'re the best Jamie!

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